Real Estate Newsletters

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Many realtors use a tried and true method to find new clients and generate top of mind awareness in the community—printed real estate newsletters.  Although there are many ways to promote yourself online, it is much easier to target a geographic area in a city or town using printed and mailed newsletters.  In addition, a printed piece will be retained by the recipient and referred to over and over again, whereas an emailed newsletter is likely to be discarded or quickly forgotten.

The key to creating successful real estate newsletters is to produce something the recipient wants to read and retain.  The best way to do this is to write superior and interesting content.  Many realtors promote local activities, theatre groups, gatherings or hiking trails in their monthly publications.  Others publish excellent local recipes which they have tried making themselves.  Obviously, since readers have many different tastes and interests, it makes sense to add features to the newsletter which will appeal to different groups of people.  The key here is to promote local events and ideas.  Real estate is all about location, and readers want to know about aspects of the local community which they may not have experienced themselves. 

Another way to distinguish your real estate newsletter from other mail appearing in mailboxes is to make sure the design and printing really stand out.  Although it costs more than black and white, full color printing allows you to use the entire color palette to appeal to the reader.  Using a professional designer will also give you an edge.  Employ someone who has an appealing style and has samples to show you what they have done before.  In addition, have your designer create a "look" or brand so that people will recognize your newsletter when they receive it each month.  Lastly, use a printing company which produces excellent quality printing and has a eye for detail.

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