Real Estate Newsletters Bring Listings to Life

Real Estate Newsletters

Printed real estate newsletters are a tried and true method to find new clients and generate top of mind awareness in your community. Designing a real estate newsletter is easy and fun, and it can result in increased visibility for your properties. Let’s talk about how to create the best real estate newsletters!

Benefits of Printed Real Estate Newsletters

Although there are many ways to promote yourself online, it is much easier to target a geographic area in a city or town using printed and mailed newsletters.

In addition, recipients will retain a printed piece and refer to it over and over again, whereas they’re likely to discard and quickly forget an emailed newsletter.

Finally, people are more likely to pay attention to printed materials than they are to emails. People receive dozens of emails every day but typically fewer than ten pieces of physical mail, so it’s more likely that your mailed newsletter will be seen and stand out from the crowd.

Best Real Estate Newsletter Ideas to Include

The key to creating successful newsletters is to produce something the recipient wants to read and retain. Here are some of our top suggestions that will help you create real estate newsletters that readers won’t stop reading.

  • Write superior and interesting content. This is paramount. A well-written newsletter that provides helpful information will work wonders for increasing your readership.
  • Appeal to multiple groups of people. Obviously, since readers have many different tastes and interests, it makes sense to add features which will appeal to as many constituents as possible. Include a mixture of articles about current topics and evergreen ideas, such as how to finance a home purchase, how to build credit, and how to narrow down the search for the perfect home. This way, all readers will find articles that are relevant to them.
  • Promote local events and ideas. Real estate is all about location, and readers want to know about aspects of the local community which they may not have experienced themselves. Many realtors promote local activities, theatre groups, gatherings or hiking trails in their monthly publications. Others publish excellent local recipes which they have tried making themselves.

5 Tips For Designing and Printing Real Estate Newsletters

Two of the most important factors that determine whether recipients read your newsletter are its design quality and its printed quality. A high-quality real estate newsletter printed by a professional printing company will attract eyes and make it easy for people to keep reading.

Here are our best tips for printing real estate newsletters

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. When you’re in the beginning stages of design, look at your competitors’ newsletters to get a feel for what’s out there. Then check out some real estate newsletter templates and real estate newsletter examples.

  3. Push Your Design Up A Notch
  4. Using a professional designer gives you an edge. Employ someone who has an appealing style and has samples to show you of what they have done before. In addition, have your designer create a "look" or brand so that people will recognize your newsletter when they receive it each month.

  5. Stand Out From The Crowd
  6. Although it costs more than black and white, full color printing allows you to use the entire color palette to appeal to the reader. Color printing distinguishes your real estate newsletter from other mail and makes recipients more likely to pay attention to it.

  7. Use High Quality Paper
  8. The quality of your newsletter sends a message about the quality of your services. Therefore, use a high-quality paper that instills confidence in you and your properties. Consider a gloss paper such as 80# or 100# gloss that gives your newsletter a luxurious feel. Another option is to print on silk or dull stock of the same weight to give your newsletter a different look or feel. Silk paper should be very similar in price to gloss.

    Next, choose whether you’d prefer a thicker paper for your newsletter’s covers. This is completely up to you and your preferences; some newsletters use the same paper for all pages, and some use stocks such as 80# uncoated cover or 100# gloss cover to make their newsletters feel more professional.

  9. Assemble The Best Team
  10. Your newsletter is only as good as the printing company who prints it, so work with a printing company which produces excellent quality printing and has an eye for detail. Ask prospective printing companies all of your questions; their answers will help you understand if they’re a good match.

    Using this recipe for success, you’re on your way to creating one of the best real estate newsletters!

ZoePrint Can Bring Your Real Estate Newsletter To Life

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