Religious Notepads Bring Faith Communities Together

Religious Notepads

Religious notepads serve a variety of purposes, and they meet a range of needs. If you haven’t considered the benefits that notepads can have on your religious community, keep reading! We’ll explain why they are great, as well as what you need to know to print your own.

Why Print Religious Notepads?

Notepads might not be the first item that comes to mind for your religious community, but they’re actually the perfect complement to your other printed materials. Here are some types of religious notepads and why they make a difference.

Notepads With Religious Quotes

Religious texts contain meaningful quotes for all occasions. Printing notepads containing religious quotes can spread messages of hope, joy, and peace to the people who use them.

Notepads for New Congregants

Notepads are perfect items to give to new members of your religious community. They’re a token of your appreciation, while still affordable enough to distribute freely. Recipients will appreciate the welcome and feel at home!

Notepads With Religious Themes

People crave the comfort of religion, and even an item as small as a notepad can provide comfort in a difficult time. Whether you include religious imagery or your organization’s name, distributing materials that remind people of their religion frequently gives them hope.

Souvenir Notepads

Notepads make great reminders of special events. From Easter gatherings to bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, distributing custom notepads remind attendees of the wonderful time they had.

Specialized Religious Notepads

If your congregation is looking for specific types of notepads, it’s easy to make them yourselves. For example, you can print your own prayer request notepads or youth group notepads that contain exactly the elements you’re looking for.

How To Print Your Own Religious Notepads

Printing your own notepads is easy. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll have great notepads in no time!

Decide on a Size

When you’re creating your religious notepad’s design, it’s a good idea to create them to fit the proportions of your chosen notepad size. Some of the most common notepad sizes include:

  • 4.25x5.5. This size works well for small designs such as your congregation’s name, a phone message pad or a simple message.
  • 5.5x8.5. This size is a little bit larger, providing space for items such as a religious quote or additional words. You can also add design elements such as lines or grids to notepads this size. This size is ideal for To Do lists and general note taking.
  • 8.5x11. This size is the largest, so you can run free with any design elements you want. Keep your notepads simple by adding merely text or a design at the top of the page, or make them more intricate by adding designs such as borders, additional text, lines or other illustrations.

If you’re interested in printing notepads in an alternate size, contact your printing company. There’s a good chance that they can print the size you’re looking for.

Pick Your Color(s)

Another choice to make while you’re still in the design phase is how many colors you’d like to include in your notepad.

Printing in black and white is the most affordable option. This often decreases the visual interest of your design, however, so it’s best used for internal materials that aren’t distributed to community members.

Printing with one spot color allows you to print in one color of your choice. This option works well for simple designs, such as the name of your congregation or a simple greeting.

Printing with black and one spot color or two spot colors allows a bit more flexibility. Here, you can include more intricate designs, such as text surrounded by a border, simple imagery and lines, or other imagery that consists of two colors.

Printing in full color gives you the most freedom. Here, the sky's the limit, and you can add as many design elements and color nuances as you’d like. This option frequently portrays emotion best to the people using them and conveys the messages of your religious notepads, whether they’re messages of support and hope or reminders of a meaningful occasion.

Choose A Paper

Once you’ve finished creating your religious notepad’s design, you can pick your preferred paper.

20# white bond paper is the paper typically used in standard desktop printers. This paper is lightweight and easy to use, making it easy to ship and store.

60# white offset paper is sturdier and gives your notepads a feeling of quality. It is a little bit thicker and creamier than 20# bond paper, and it shows recipients that you care.

However, don’t feel limited to these papers. You can even print on color paper, if you like! If you’re interested in other papers or have questions about which paper is the best fit for your notepads, ask a printing company such as ZoePrint for advice.

Turn To The Print Experts

Once you’re ready to print your religious notepads, get in touch with ZoePrint! We offer all of the print items your congregation needs, including religious notepads that spread joy and bring communities together. Our design team can also help you with your notepad design or even create a design from scratch!

To get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote.