5 School Brochure Ideas for Printing

With summer gaining momentum, administrators and teachers around the country are beginning to plan for the upcoming school year. You’re bustling about planning, meeting with colleagues, renovating the school and attending conferences. In the midst of all these big plans, it’s easy to lose sight of the nuanced details—like brainstorming school brochure ideas for the next school year.

Printed brochures are a useful and convenient way to reach parents, students and target audiences, and to stand out from the crowd. Check out a few great school brochure ideas to keep the student body and community informed!

1. Brochures for School Programs (e.g. band concerts, theatre, ROTC, etc.)

Brochures for school programs provide quick access to detailed information on the programs happening around school. They can highlight achievements and provide details on the different individual programs available.

You want your students to get involved in the various school offerings, but many students aren’t aware of the options or will shy away from involvement without enough information. Friendly brochures are just one way to make these groups approachable and less intimidating for first-timers.

2. Brochures for Monthly Classroom Updates

Parents seem to be getting more and more involved in their child’s education with each year. They want to know what’s going on and can't rely solely on their children as the school’s messenger. Monthly brochures can provide a simple, yet effective way to keep parents involved.

You can use a basic brochure template to add updates every month and change graphics. Once you have a standard layout decided on, tweaking the information every month just takes a few minutes.

3. Brochures to Promote Field Trips

Brochures can be an enticing way to promote optional field trips. The use of images and photographs can give life to the information, painting a clear picture of what to expect from the experience. 

This is a great space to explain the goals of the trip, what parents need to know, and share the lessons students will learn along the way. Parents will appreciate having such an interactive look at where their son or daughter will spend the day. 

4. School-wide Informational Brochures for Parents

These brochures are regularly used by schools for marketing purposes and also as an information source for parents. A professional, appealing brochure can boost enrollment and should be a key element in the school community communication plan. When it comes to promoting your school, brochure ideas are endless.

Here are a few key pieces of information to start with:

  • School branding, colors and logo
  • Mission, values and goals
  • History of the school
  • School policies
  • Academic calendar
  • Information on teachers and programs
  • Highlights and achievements

5. Brochures to Promote the Athletics Departments

Do you have excellent facilities, a host of school teams or offer multiple extracurricular sporting activities? A school’s athletics department and facilities are often important to students and parents alike, so you want something to showcase this aspect.

Have other school brochure ideas?

There are many design ideas and inspiration available online. Schools can easily create brochures to help with all communication strategies.

Once the design is complete with your school branding and colors, professionally printed brochures look stylish and stand out. They can be an effective, more personal way to promote the school and provide information for students and parents.

Once you have school brochure ideas, you’re ready to print. Browse all of Zoeprint’s brochure options to start!