School Flyers Keep Students And Families On The Same Page

School Flyers Keep Students and Families on the same page

Schools are community gathering places full of life and activity. Due to the many events that take place in every school, all sorts of school flyers are posted in the hallways and sent home with students. In this handy guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about every kind of school flyer, including design tips, examples, and more.

How To Design And Print A School Flyer

Creating school flyers is a creative and fun process. Whether you’re creating a 100th day of school flyer or a summer school flyer, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Design With Your Students In Mind

As you’re designing your flyers, consider who will be reading them. If students are reading the flyers, what are their reading levels? Consider adding engaging images so that students of all ages can appreciate them. If your flyers are targeted towards older students or adults, feel free to include more text.

Choose Your Preferred Flyer Size

Flyers are extremely versatile and exist in all sizes, from miniature flyers perfect for bringing home to families, to large flyers for posting on bulletin boards in the hallway or library. Some of the most common school flyer sizes include:

If you’re raising awareness for an important on-campus event, one great idea is to print two versions of your flyer: one on a smaller paper, which you send home with students, and one on a larger paper, which is perfect for plastering around the school. (Don’t forget to distribute flyers for larger-scale events throughout your community, as well! Many local libraries, restaurants, and businesses love to display flyers to support school fundraisers and events.)

Decide On Your Document’s Borders

Would you like your printed flyer to include color all the way to the edges of the paper? If so, make sure to include bleed in your document, which consists of extending your design an extra 0.125” beyond the edges of the document. That way, when it’s printed and cut to size, the color will fill the whole page.

Choose Your Paper

When printing your school flyers, you can choose from many papers. There’s no right or wrong paper; they all provide different thicknesses and glosses. Some of the most common papers for school flyers include:

  • 70# uncoated text
  • 80# gloss text
  • 100# gloss text
  • 80# uncoated cover
  • 80# gloss cover
  • 100# gloss cover

All of these papers are excellent options for school flyers. Feel free to contact your printing company with any questions about which paper would work best for your flyers.

School Flyer Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Let these school flyer template examples give you ideas as you create your own.

Back To School Flyer

Back to school flyer

Start the year on the right foot with an encouraging back to school flyer. Students might be nervous about the new year, new teacher, and new friends, so posting welcoming flyers is a great way to motivate students to try their best and approach the new year with a positive mindset.

Summer School Flyer


Over summer break, don’t let students forget what they’ve learned during the year! Help them learn year-round with an exciting summer school flyer. This is a great flyer to distribute to families to provide ideas of what their children can do to keep their brains active between May and September.

Extracurricular Opportunity Flyer


When your school offers special events, performances, or enrichment courses, be sure to raise awareness around campus with well-designed flyers. Include all relevant information on your flyer so that interested students know where and when to show up, as well as how to find more information if needed.

Motivational School Flyer


Students deserve lots of encouragement and guidance during the school day. Distribute flyers throughout your school that provide the structure and support that students need.

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