School Printing Makes Education Accessible

Schools are communication superhighways. In addition to class lectures, all sorts of information is disseminated every day; announcements, reminders, advertisements, requests, and more are essential for schools’ daily functions. Therefore, excellent school printing is a must.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into why school printing is important, as well as some of the most useful education printing materials. Let’s get started!

Educational Posters for Events

Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word of any coming events. You can easily distribute them, hang them on hallways walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are great for images to add a pop and attract more eyes.

Printing Is A Vital School Communication Method

When it comes to schools, printing will always be in style. Here are some of the top reasons why school printing is vital.

  • Printing is powerful. Despite recent advances in technology, traditional school printing remains the most effective channel to connect with students. Students can hold paper in their hands, making it more concrete than digital communications. This makes a difference, particularly with younger students.
  • Printing is secure. Because school communications tend to exclude anyone outside the local community, printing and distributing messages to the student community makes sense.
  • Printing is school-friendly. Many schools attempt to limit their students’ use of electronics on campus. Therefore, printed materials are the most useful communication method. Printed school flyers, newsletters and posters get students away from their devices and back into the real world.
  • Printing is noticeable. No matter how much time goes by, catching students’ attention with media posted on walls and distributed by teachers will never go away.
  • Printing is versatile. Printed materials are salient in all realms of school life.

Top School Printing Items

Administration, teachers, and student organizations have tons of uses for print material. What kinds of materials should you incorporate into your school printing? Here are some of the most important education printing materials you need.

Posters for Events

Is your school hosting a cheer competition, spelling bee, or promoting the upcoming 6th grade field trip? Posters are the perfect tool to spread the word about any and all upcoming events. You can easily design and distribute them, hang them on hallways and walls, and include them in every classroom. Colored posters are perfect because they make images pop and attract more eyes.

Branded School Folders

Branded folders present a sophisticated image and draw top talent to any type of school. Place your promotional material in a folder for parents and students to take back home with them.

Not only do folders give your school a professional look, but they serve as a reminder long after visitors have left your school. Private schools, language institutes, ballet schools, and adult training centers can improve student acquisition with customized folders.

What should you put inside? Continue to build your school’s image by filling folders with notepads, postcards, brochures, and professional business cards.


Does your school already have newsletters in its school printing toolkit? Newsletters quickly and efficiently spread current updates through an entire school community. Even designing and printing off a few copies per classroom transmits the same information for a lesser cost. Advertise fundraisers, upcoming events, competition results, and student spotlights for an entire grade or for the whole school to read.

Promotional Flyers

Leaflets or promotional flyers are an excellent take-home equivalent to posters. Including captivating graphics with text conveying event details will ensure that recipients read your flyers. Schools can also use flyers to invite local community members to school events open to the public. Selling carnival tickets to fundraise for the football team? Students can distribute flyers to neighbors and family to spread the word.

Theater, Sports, and Graduation Programs

Play attendees need programs to outline the performance and highlight the actors and stage crew. Musical performances, sport tournaments, and graduations are other events that typically come with a printed program to take home. While students may not give these a second thought, parents and relatives love having simple mementos to fondly pass around decades later.

School Brochures

If your school is trying to attract new students (or new customers in the case of for profit school ventures), school brochures are an important tool. Printed brochures are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. Prospective parents and students will study brochures when they get home, and printed materials will give your school an edge. Get design help if you need it to make your school look its best!

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