Small Business Marketing Strategies – Print Advertising "Must Haves"

When starting a business, there are many hats to wear. Of course, the first step is making sure that the product or service that you offer is high-quality and creates value. After that, it’s time to spread the word and put on your marketing hat. Small business marketing strategies are key to getting your brand in front of eyes!

High-Quality Design, High-Quality Brand

To start, it is important to note that all marketing materials you print represent your company and your brand. With that being said, professionalism is key! One way to look professional is to have high quality printed materials to use in your business and to promote it. This will help you stand out from the crowd and create referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

Because of this, it is critical to work with an experienced graphic designer. It is also important to find a seasoned printing fulfillment center to carry projects through to completion!

The Print Advertising Checklist

Now, on to the important information. When it comes to small business marketing strategies in the print world, there are almost too many options to choose from. Today, we will look at a brief list of print “must-haves” so that you can start off your marketing strategy on the right foot:

  1. Business Cards - A cost-effective way to share your contact information with everyone.

  2. Letterhead and Envelopes - Keep your correspondence professional.

  3. Flyers and Brochures - Consistent branding through flyers and brochures will help cement top of mind awareness and provide details about your products and service offering.

  4. Invoices and Forms - These should be detailed, easy to read, and include your logo for a simple branding opportunity.

  5. Coupons - Strong promotions can bring in new clients through printed coupons.

  6. Thank You Cards and Invitations - A thank you card with a personal touch helps build loyalty.

  7. Posters - Eye-catching ads that may stay in place long-term or temporarily. Cost-effective and versatile.

  8. Presentation Folders and Inserts - A great way to introduce larger prospects to your service offering are through high-quality presentation folders.

  9. Labels and Stickers - Put your brand in unexpected places with branded stickers!

  10. Point of Purchase Materials - Allow your brand to be seen when people are already shopping with point of purchase materials.

Succeed with Small Business Printing at ZoePrint

ZoePrint can help you with all of these materials. Small businesses frequently fail to spend enough on marketing to push the business forward, especially right after opening. With our short run, extremely affordable printing, you can stretch your dollars further and still present an outstanding professional image.

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