Cheer For Your Team With Sports Program Printing

sports programs

Sports program printing is one of the best ways to communicate with fans and commemorate games. What would a football match or other sports event be without a great program? Make sure you’re at the top of your game with sports program printing that keeps your team and your fans on the same page.

What To Include In Your Sports Program

Your program elevates your team spirit, so include all of the following elements that help both your team and supporters follow their favorite players.

Include High-Quality Photos

To create an outstanding program, professional photos are a great place to start. The better the quality of the photography, the better the printed images will look, so use the best camera possible and include high-quality image files.

Highlight Your Players

Excellent programs will inspire your fans, so let them know who all of the players are and include statistics for each player and the team as a whole. Be sure to include mini biographies of the team members and coaching staff, the team schedule, and feature stories about the team’s escapades.

Boost Your Team Sponsors

If your team has local sponsors, thank them in your program. They’ve supported you, and your program is the perfect place for you to support them in turn.

You can also sell advertising space in your sports programs to businesses in your community. This is a great way to make some extra money. If you plan it well, your programs’ advertising income can substantially offset the cost of printing, allowing you to budget for more copies, fancier papers, and other deluxe elements.

Sports Program Printing Ideas

When it comes to the printing process, get the highest quality digital or offset printing you can afford. Here are some of the decisions you get to make throughout the printing process.

Design With The End Product In Mind

Make sure you have a talented designer creating the program. Feature your team colors and mascot, and provide a cogent layout that’s easy to read. If you’re looking for help on your program, feel free to consult with the expert design team at ZoePrint and check out some sports program template ideas online.

Pick A Size

An important step in the design process is deciding on a paper size. Two typical sizes for sports programs are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11.

5.5x8.5 sports programs are cost-efficient, so you can print more copies for the same price. Their smaller size also makes them easy to slip into a purse or a locker.

8.5x11 sports programs give you more space to spread out and include details. You can even incorporate full-page ads from community partners, team player biographies, and supportive messages from family members.

Cover Your Bases With A Stylish Cover Paper

If you’re looking to step your sports program up a notch, consider upgrading your cover paper. Some great cover paper options include 80# uncoated cover, 100# gloss cover, and 100# dull cover paper.

Each of these papers will make your sports program both more durable and more eye-catching, turning a simple program into a keepsake that team members, family members, and community members will treasure.

Choose Your Preferred Binding

One of the last steps is to decide what type of binding to use. Although most programs are folded and stitched magazine style, you can also use stapled binding, coil binding, or perfect (soft cover) binding for a different look. If you’re printing a four-page program, you can even request a program with folded pages and no binding, which saves money.

Print Affordable Sports Programs With ZoePrint

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