Postcard Size Guide: What You Need To Know

Postcard Size Guide

Postcards are useful and versatile tools. They can serve many purposes, from marketing campaigns to personal communication and more. However, did you know that there’s not only one postcard size? There are in fact many postcard sizes, all of which are appropriate for different situations. In this article, we’ll explain each postcard size and provide tips for choosing the perfect postcard for your project.

Postcard Size Explanations

There are in fact three common postcard sizes: 5.5x4.25, 6x4, and 7x5. Each size can be printed in portrait or landscape orientation.

Small Postcard Size

Small Postcard sampleSmall Postcard sample 2

Small postcards are typically 5.5x4.25 or 4.25x5.5, and they are perfect for all kinds of notes and communication. They’re a great choice for advertising events, as they are large enough to include the name, time, and location of the event.

You can add additional information on the back of the postcard, giving you ample space on the front for an eye-catching design.

Standard Postcard Size

Standard Postcard sampleStandard Postcard sample 2

The standard postcard size is 6x4 or 4x6. This size is versatile and is well-suited for business, advertising, and social postcards. A 6x4 postcard provides enough space on the front for a detailed photo or piece of art, as well as enough space on the back for a personal message or handwritten letter.

This size is also cost-effective, as it is the largest USPS postcard size that can be mailed as a first-class postcard; larger postcards are classified as letters. Mailing a postcard of this size is cheaper than mailing a letter, so the standard postcard size provides the most space for information at the lowest price.

Large Postcard Size

Large Postcard sampleLarge Postcard sample 2

The most common large postcard size is 7x5 or 5x7. This size gives you enough space to spread out and include lots of information. Do you want to include a coupon on your postcard or explain details of a product giveaway? Or do you want to explain a political candidate’s opinion about important issues? If so, a large postcard is the perfect size for you.

Large postcards work well as mailers, since they provide enough space to include detailed information.

Oversized Postcard

There are certainly other oversized postcard sizes beyond 5x7. Some people create 5.5x8.5, 6x9 and even 6x11 postcards. While these cards will incur more postage cost than small postcards like 4x6, they also stand out in your recipient’s mailbox and garner attention. These sizes give you space for beautiful larger photos and images, and provide more room for text. If you are trying to attract attention or new customers, consider these sizes and weigh the size of the card against production cost and postage.

Postcard Size Tips

As you’re deciding between postcard sizes, keep both your postcard’s size and mailing cost in mind.

Your postcard’s size is vitally important because it influences how much information you can include and therefore transmit to your recipients. Naturally, a smaller postcard can contain a smaller amount of information than a larger postcard.

However, you must as well keep postage costs in mind. As mentioned earlier, large postcards must be sent with letter-sized postage instead of postcard postage. This costs a little more per postcard, but if you’re sending many postcards, the cost can add up.

Always check with the post office as to the current postage rate for any postcard you produce. If you’re having trouble deciding on a postcard size, ask your printing company for advice. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

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