Theater Program Printing: Design Tips with Playbill Pizzazz

Looking to add some pizzazz to your drama program? Theater program printing makes sure your school, community, or professional performance is consistently remembered by your audience for years to come. They serve as a memento for a drama production and include useful information to recall actors, stage crews, and the play’s plot.

Thinking of designing your first playbill? Here are a few theater program printing tips to get you started!

How to design for theater program printing 

Gather quality images and designs

Grainy, unprofessional photos can make even the greatest playbill look amateurish. Before designing a theater program, collect top-notch photos from rehearsals, individual head shots for bios, and a front-page feature (an illustration or photo). Even a crisp cellphone shot can do the trick!

To color or not color?

Full color prints are ideal to showcase a vibrant, colorful production in detail. However, if budget doesn’t allow for full color, a black and white program can still carry the same information across more economically. For black and white programs, optimize your design to work well with grayscale by creating a high contrast illustration for the cover and bio photos that are still recognizable without color.

What information should you include?

Clear photos make a theater program pop, but the content inside is what truly gives the story. At the very least, playbills should include a brief summary of the production’s plot, a schedule broken down by acts and intermissions, cast member information, and any planned future performances. This information gives the audience a snapshot of the what, who, where, and when to follow as they’re wowed by the performance playing out in front of them.

Once you have all pages fully planned out, you can decide on whether it would look best printed in a larger (8.5x11 folded) or smaller (5.5x8.5 folded) format.

Get your theater program printing for less

Although ZoePrint already provides cheap theater program printing, theater expenses can slowly add up. To help minimize costs and make the most of your budget, there are a few secrets of trade to get stellar theater programs for even less or no cost at all.

  1. School and community drama productions can include ad space within playbills to connect local businesses with those who are attending the show. The cost of adding a few more pages to the program will be offset completely by the ad revenue raised. Be sure to leave a short blurb at the end of the program with contact information for ad inquiries in future playbills!
  2. Additionally, be sure to have several eyes carefully edit and revise the playbill before printing. Otherwise, any mistakes down the road can be costly and embarrassing.
  3. Bigger isn’t always better—or necessary. Try printing smaller-sized theater programs to decrease costs. You can still fit the same content by using smaller font and pictures.

Professional design yields show-stopping results, so take your time in creating your program or ask a ZoePrint design expert to help! To have ZoePrint design, opt for “Let Zoe design it for me” at the order page, then simply include your instructions and photos. Cheap theater program printing has never been so easy!