Theatre Programs

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Even in today's digital age, printed theatre programs (or playbills) inspire, commemorate and inform all at the same time. 

Whether a play is a middle school or high school production, community theatre or a professional performance, there is no better way to connect with the audience than a theatre program.  Every theatre goer looks forward to receiving and opening a playbill when they arrive at a play, scanning who the actors are and reading about some of the details of the story.  Most programs tell stories about both the challenges of putting on a particular production and some of the unique attributes of the story.  Theatre goers are drawn to the biographies of the performers, both to check out people they know and to learn more about the backgrounds of actors who are new to them.  Many programs also include inspirational anecdotes about the actors and actresses.  Having all of this knowledge at your fingertips enhances the experience of watching any play!

Once the play is over, the function of printed theatre programs shifts to commemoration of the performance.  Many theatre goers save playbills from their favorite plays, and when you know someone in the cast, you will be sure to keep the program for future reference.  If you are a parent of one of the performers, you can show the playbill to friends and relatives as you recount the performance in person.  You might even send a program to people who could not attend the performance either because they live too far away or can't make the trip.

Although there are no hard and fast rules, most play programs are either full sized booklets (11x17 sheets which fold to 8.5x11) or half sized booklets (8.5x11 sheets which fold to 8.5x5.5).  These programs will look outstanding in full color since well designed booklets include many photos and even snazzy advertising.  Traditionally, playbills are printed on glossy paper and are folded and stitched together like magazines.

If you are looking for your printed programs to stand out, consult with one of the design professionals at  We have decades of design experience, and we have designed and printed numerous theatre programs.  We can use either traditional or contemporary elements to give your program flair which will be remembered for years to come.  Call us today!

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