Make Life Simple With Custom To Do Notepads

When life gets confusing, notepads help you find order in the chaos. You can create notepads for any situation or set of tasks, making them versatile and easy for anyone to use.

Whether you’re printing a checklist notepad for personal use, business marketing, or internal use, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about to do notepads!

The Benefits of Printing Custom To Do Notepads

  • Notepads are great marketing tools. Everyone uses notepads, so custom branded notepads are a great way to get your name out there. They’re also tangible reminders of your business.
  • Notepads make life easier. When you print your own custom notepads, you can include any design you want, making it easy to tailor your notepads for your own personal use. If you often write the same tasks on your notepads, add them to your design to save yourself the trouble of writing them again later!
  • Notepads are great company swag. When assembling a welcome packet for new employees, include a checklist notepad that will help them get acclimated to the new work environment. With a branded custom checklist notepad on their desks, they’ll feel like members of the team.

Checklist Notepad Design Ideas

Designing your to do notepads is an opportunity to express yourself and decide on your priorities. No matter the type of notepad you’re designing, here are some tips that will help you create notepads that are both functional and look great.

Specialized Checklist Notepad

To do lists provide organization for completing tasks, so you can create your own custom to do list for any task you’d like. Feel free to target a specific type of activity in your notepad; for example, a cleaning checklist notepad helps people keep track of the activities that keep spaces tidy.

Personal To Do Notepads

When designing to do notepads for personal use, let your design instincts run free. Whether you plan to use the notepads or sell them to others, feel free to express yourself artistically. Notepads can include themes, artwork, and fonts that make them aesthetic items in addition to functional ones.

All-Encompassing To Do Notepads

Notepads aren’t limited to simple checklists. If you can think of it, you can include it on a notepad! Consider adding multiple columns and categories to your checklist in order to make it maximally useful. For example, you can include to do items, top priorities, and even reminders as you complete your tasks.

If you’re designing a custom checklist notepad for personal use, you can include information that is quite specific to your needs, so have fun considering which categories you’d like to include.

If you have any questions about designing your custom checklist notepad, ask the design experts at ZoePrint for help. They can touch up your design or even create a design for you.

How to Print Your Own Custom Checklist Notepad

Once you’ve created a design, printing your checklist notepad is easy. Let’s go through your various printing options as you make your to do notepads a reality.

Pick Your Favorite Size

To do notepads come in a wide range of sizes. Some of the most common sizes include:

  • 4.25x5.5. This size is best for smaller lists, such as simple checklists.
  • 5.5x8.5. This middle size is a great common ground between the smaller and larger checklist notepad sizes. This size includes room for a company name and logo, as well as a longer list of to do items.
  • 8.5x11. This size provides ample room to spread out, including areas to include multiple categories, notes, and details or instructions about tasks.

If you’re looking for a different size, feel free to ask your printing company about which other size options they offer.

Play With Color

When printing your checklist notepad, one of the most important choices you can make is about color, including how many colors you’d like to use.

Black and white printing is an affordable, no-frills option, making it best for to do lists for internal use. Printing in black and white is an easy way to save money on printing costs.

1 or 2 spot color provides a pop of color on your notepads that helps them attract the eye. If your company logo is one or two colors, and if you want to include only one or two colors in your design, this choice makes the most sense. If you aren’t sure how to design for spot color offset printing, ask for help!

Full color printing gives you the ability to fully express your creativity through your to do notepads. With full color printing, you can color code various sections of your notepads, include multi color illustrations or design elements, and add a colorful logo.

Choose a Paper

You have a few paper options when it comes to your to do notepads. Two of the most common paper options are 20# white bond and 60# white offset paper. These papers make text crisp and easy to read, and they’re easy to tear off, store on a desk, and put on a fridge or corkboard.

Feel free to ask your printing company for more details which paper is best for your project.

Print Your Custom Checklist with ZoePrint

When you’re ready to get started printing your to do notepads, team up with the experts at ZoePrint! We have decades of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom checklist notepad products for individuals and companies of all sizes. We love seeing our customers succeed!

To get started, order online or ask us for a custom quote!