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unique business cards

For many people, business cards are objects to be acquired inexpensively that convey personal and company contact information. But this isn’t the case for all customers, especially the ultra-wealthy or ultra-famous. In these cases, a business card would seem to be a formality or even unnecessary, but some elite clients take their unique business cards very seriously indeed. Their goal is typically not so much to distribute contact information as to send a message, to pass out a reminder of their elite status in card form.

There are several ways of going about this both for individuals and for large companies. I recently stumbled upon an interesting example in Paris at a Mercedes-Benz dealership and showroom on the Champs Elysees, an upscale shopping street. After staring in amazement at a line of fantastically high-performing cars, the business card holder near the door caught my eye. The business card inside was simple: just a thin slip of cardstock with a Mercedes logo and the name “Mercedes-Benz” printed at the bottom. No address, no phone number, just “Mercedes-Benz.” The card also had a blind embossed image of what appeared to be the outline of a car. The intent here was clear: through a minimalist business card, this company conveyed confidence that their brand image was enough to convince a customer to seek them out; no contact information, slogans, or other sales pitch was necessary. However, should anyone actually be interested in calling a specific salesperson or store, someone could easily write their contact information on the card. In that way, the card did retain some practical value as well as aesthetic.

For extremely wealthy individuals, the situation is somewhat different. Much as high net-worth individuals tend to drive luxury cars, live in luxury homes, and wear luxury clothing, so too can they exchange information through luxury business cards. In fact, British firm Black Astrum specifically caters to these clients through their customized signature card line, the most expensive type of business card in the world. Cards are made out of metal or carbon fiber depending on customer preference, and they feature diamond studs. Costs vary by client but typically hover around $1,500 for one card, or $75,000 for a pack of 50. Suffice it to say that those willing to purchase and exchange such valuable business cards must be among the world’s elite.

If these are the business cards you’re looking for, I regret to inform you that Black Astrum sells them by invitation only—even celebrities who call asking for them have on occasion been denied. However, for a less pricey option that still does an excellent job of conveying information about you, your company, and even your contact information, ZoePrint’s cheap, professionally designed and printed business cards will serve your needs very well. Even better, next time you exchange cards with a client, your paper and ink card should prove significantly easier to leave behind than a card made of carbon fibers and diamond studs.

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