Vintage Postcards

vintage postcards

Vintage postcards have a style all their own. When some people think of vintage postcards, they may be thinking of the Golden Age of postcards which ran from about 1898 to about 1920. During this time period, postcards were one of the most popular means of communicating quickly a brief message over long distances. Other people will recall art deco postcards printed during the following 20 years. These cards employed large, stylized fonts, angular imagery and showed off the fashion and architecture of the day . Although these postcards displayed a unique and recognizable style, there are many other types of vintage and collectible postcards. Some postcards highlight particular buildings or towns, while others showcase historical events, artwork or just act as greeting cards.

Although most postcards are printed on paper, there are also other specialty vintage postcards including those printed on silk, wood, aluminum, copper or cork. While some postcards use hand drawn artwork, others show real photographs of people or scenery. Some postcards have a commercial purpose, advertising a product with a distinctive message. There are many antique versions of Coca Cola postcards, for example, and that is just one company and product. Don't forget that America did not have a monopoly on antique cards; some collectors may specialize in cards from France, Germany, Britain or elsewhere. Others may collect cards from a specific time period, place or event, like cards which visually represent dancers at the Moulin Rouge or cards which picture New York City.

When you create your own postcards, you can create any style you wish, and you may even want to make cards that look like antique postcards. If you need design assistance, you can always get help from the professionals at We have decades of experience and talent to make your ideas shine!

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