Zine Printing In 3 Easy Steps

Zine Printing

Printing your own zine is a fun way to express your creativity and spread a message. Everyone from students to creatives can design zines, and they’re endlessly customizable.

Printing your own zine is an exciting and fulfilling process. If you want to learn more, keep reading! This article will walk you through the zine printing process so you can create the zine of your dreams.

Zines: The Basics

In short, a zine is a short magazine, and the rest is up to you. It’s an incredibly flexible art form and can include anything you choose.

Zines commonly include a mix of text and art. They often contain prose or poetry and some sort of visual art, either created digitally or on paper and scanned into a digital form. They can be about any topic and can be any length.

Anyone can make a zine, from an individual or an art class to a business. With the help of a low-cost printing company, they are affordable to create. Anyone can try their hand and spread their message through a zine!

The Zine Printing Process

You can create a zine about virtually any topic, and you can print it in virtually any form as well. Zines are highly customizable, which gives you the ability to make it look exactly how you want. Here are some of the ways to customize your zine during the printing process.

    1. Pick A Size, Any Size

    Zines can be a wide range of sizes. Two of the most common sizes for zines include 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11. Each size has its own benefits.

    5.5x8.5 zines are compact and pack a punch. These booklets are smaller, which means that you can fill each page with art and text or create a simpler design that focuses on one element per page.

    8.5x11 zines are large and give you space to spread out. This size is a great option for zines containing a lot of text such as literary magazines, and the larger size lets readers see the details in every piece of art.

    2. Choose Your Paper

    There’s a seemingly-limitless number of paper options for printing your zine. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, no need to panic! We have some advice.

    Since photo zine printing often includes art and design elements, we recommend printing your zine in color. Printing on glossy paper helps color printing pop and increases the clarity of the images. Therefore, two of the best paper options for your zine include 80# gloss text paper and 100# gloss text paper. Both of these will make your art and design jump off the page.

    In addition to the inside paper, you can also choose a thicker cover paper that makes your zine sturdier and helps it look more sophisticated. 100# gloss cover paper is a great choice for your cover.

    3. Save A High Quality PDF

    Most printing companies will want you to send a high-resolution PDF file of your zine when you’re ready to print. Make sure to save your PDF file in the highest possible quality. This will ensure that your printed zine is crisp and clear and doesn’t have any pixelated images.

    If you have any questions about what kind of file to create, reach out to your printing partner. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Print Your Zine With ZoePrint

Once you’re ready to bring your zine into the world, partner with ZoePrint! Our printing services make the zine creation process easy and affordable, and we offer all the customization you need to make exactly what you have in mind.

Our professional design team loves creating zines, so simply ask if you want help with your design. We can even create a design for you!

To get started with quick and easy zine printing, order online or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!