Send Mail In Style With The Best Announcement Envelope Sizes

When you mail personal or business letters, the envelopes you choose will be the first items that your recipients see. Therefore, make a great first impression by choosing from the best announcement envelope sizes that start your communication on the right foot. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about announcement envelope sizes that make a statement!

What Are Typical Announcement Envelope Sizes?

Simply put, which envelope you should choose will depend on the size of the letter you’re sending. Therefore, choosing an envelope comes later in the process, after you’ve decided which letter size fits the occasion.

Here’s a quick guide to announcement envelope sizes, which we’ll expand upon below.

Here are some of the most common announcement envelope sizes and when they might be the right choice for you.

A2 Envelope Size

The A2 envelope size is on the smaller side and is perfectly made to accompany A2 note cards. These envelopes are 5.75x4.375 and are well-designed for thank you cards and social cards for friends. The A2 envelope size provides the space for you to express yourself and send a message in style.

A6 Envelope Size

The A6 envelope size is the perfect middle ground between the A2 and A7 envelope sizes. At 4.75x6.5, the A6 envelope size is highly versatile and contains ample space for customization and decorative elements, while still being small enough to feel personable.

An A6 envelope size is a great fit for any A6 note card, including sympathy cards, greeting cards, and much more.

A7 Envelope Size

The A7 envelope size is the largest standard announcement envelope size. At 5.25x7.25, this envelope is perfect for larger communications on A7 note cards such as invitations and personal notes.

When you’re looking for an envelope size that provides space for beautiful decorative elements, the A7 envelope size is a great match. You can feel free to include special touches such as decorations around the return address and even a small message on the back of the envelope.

Printing Your Own Customized Envelopes Is Easy

If you’re sending many letters, ordering your own envelopes is a simple solution that saves you time and money. And, of course, the best part of printing your own envelopes is getting to create your own custom envelope design!

Designing your own envelopes gives you control over what your recipients see when they receive your messages. As well, printing your own envelopes saves time and energy and eliminates the need to fill out every envelope by hand. Your shipment of envelopes arrives directly at your door, so you can order from the comfort of your home or workplace.

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