5 Top Tips For Cheap Book Printing

Cheap Book Printing

Printing a book is a big project. No matter whether you’re self-publishing or printing books for your organization, cheap book printing is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll explain ZoePrint’s top 5 tips for cheap book printing online so you can get the books you want at a price you love.

Best Tips For Cheap Book Printing And Binding

If you’re trying to save money on printing costs while still receiving a product that looks great, here are some ideas to consider.

  1. 1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    When you’re getting started creating your book design and layout, think about which size will fit your needs. It’s logical, but it’s worth saying: smaller books cost less to print. Therefore, if you’re trying to decrease printing costs, decreasing your book size will help.

    There are two main strategies for decreasing your book size: decrease the number of pages, and decrease the size of the pages. Both are effective methods to decrease printing costs. If you want to further lower the number of pages in your book, you can include a QR code that links readers to additional online content.

    If you’re wondering how to effectively make your book smaller without losing content, feel free to ask your printing partner for advice.

  2. 2. Fill The Page

    When you’re aiming for cheap book printing services, be your own best friend. In the design process, make sure you use formatting to your advantage so you don’t use more pages than you need.

    Here are a few ideas to help you cut down on wasted space:

    • Downsize your font. Don’t make the font so small that people can’t read it, but there’s a good chance that you can bring the font down a couple of points without anyone noticing.
    • Delete extra spaces. If you typically leave an empty space between paragraphs of text, try taking that line out. This is a simple method for condensing your page count.
    • Finesse your text formatting. If the last word of a paragraph is on its own line, there’s a good chance that you can reword a sentence or two to condense your paragraph and free up that extra line of text for more content. It might feel like a small change, but you’ll be surprised how much space you save!

    Every small adjustment helps you take better advantage of the pages you have and leads to a more affordable book.

  3. 3. Ask For Design Help If You Need It

    Many printing companies offer design services as well. Some printing companies can create designs without charging too much money, but other printing companies charge a lot. If you feel confident in your design skills, why not create your book cover design yourself? This can significantly decrease print costs.

    Taking care of your book’s design includes the added benefit that you get to have complete creative control. You know your readers, and you get to design a cover and interior pages that fit your readers and your goals.

    If you’re interested in saving money but still want some design advice, consider working with a printing company that can tweak your design for you or help you make your existing design look great in print without charging for the full cost of creating a design from scratch. This solution is often the best of both worlds and leads to a beautiful book that doesn’t break the bank.

  4. 4. Get Creative With Binding

    Many people think of books as being either hardcover or softcover. However, there are other affordable binding options that you might want to consider.

    Staple binding is a cheap binding style that looks great. It is a good option for books up to approximately 40 pages long. If you’re interested in staple binding, make sure that the number of pages in your book is a multiple of four. This is because staple binding involves folding pieces of paper in half and stapling at the fold, so each single piece of printed paper will become four pages in your book.

    Spiral binding is another affordable alternative. For spiral binding, the printing company punches holes in the book pages and binds them with a plastic or metal spiral. This binding method gives you the flexibility to change your books later; simply remove the spiral, add or take out pages, and rebind the book. One of the other top benefits of spiral binding is that your book will lay flat when it is opened.

    Comb binding is also a cheap binding technique that gives you flexibility when it comes to updating your book’s contents. Simply unhook the combs from the plastic spine, remove pages, and add any new pages you’d like!

  5. 5. Print in Bulk

    When it’s time to print, remember that printing in bulk decreases the printing cost per copy. If you know approximately how many copies you’ll need and will either be distributing them quickly or have ample storage space, consider printing all of the copies you’ll need in one go. This will decrease the cost per book.

    That being said, try to estimate the number of copies you’ll need and not drastically overestimate. When it comes to saving money, it’s better to print an additional smaller order than order so many extra copies that you have to recycle stacks of extra books.

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