Express Yourself With Stapled Booklet Printing

Stapled Booklet Printing

Whether you’re marketing a business or sending out a newsletter, stapled booklet printing helps you represent yourself well in print.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the best uses for stapled booklet printing and walk you through the printing process. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Stapled Booklet Printing

From cost to looks, here are some reasons why stapled booklet printing might be the best option for your project.

It’s cheap.

Staples are inexpensive, and the staple binding process is easy. There’s no need for specialty materials or costly labor, which can be the case for other types of binding.

It’s quick.

A simple process like stapled binding can happen quickly, which means that your booklets will be on their way to you soon after they’re printed.

It’s flexible.

Stapled booklets can be a range of sizes. The two most common sizes are 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, but many professional printing companies can print custom sizes for you as well.

It’s versatile.

Staple binding is possible for booklets as short as eight pages to as long as 80 pages (typically in denominations of four pages so that there are no blank pages). You can choose whether to create a booklet that’s short and sweet, or long and detailed.

It’s easy to read.

Staple-bound booklets are easy to read, all the way into the margins. Depending on the size of the booklet and the number of pages, they are also easy to unfold so they lie flat.

5 Great Uses For Stapled Booklet Printing

Booklets are useful in many situations. Here are some of the top booklet types you can print.

  1. 1. Marketing Booklets

    Booklets make a great impression and are therefore highly effective marketing tools. You can include as much information about your service or product as you’d like, as well as complement text with photos and images that demonstrate your product in use. Printing on gloss paper makes your images pop!

  2. 2. Newsletters

    Professionally printed booklets help you distribute information in style. Businesses, schools, and nonprofits all benefit from sending out regular newsletters that keep your community up to date. Whether you’re sending monthly, quarterly, or yearly newsletters, professional printing helps your newsletters stand out.

  3. 3. Playbills

    Before the curtain rises, audience members love to read through the theater program or playbill for the show they’re attending. You can print a simple playbill that only contains the names of the cast and crew, or you can expand to include artist biographies, ads from businesses who sponsor the show, and even announcements about future productions.

  4. 4. Employee Handbooks

    What would your operations be without employee handbooks? These important materials guide new employees as they find their footing in their new job and impart crucial information about your company. Professionally printed employee handbooks get your employees ready for success.

  5. 5. Instruction Guides

    If you sell products that need to be assembled, or if your customers or employees need to follow complex instructions, provide helpful guidance with printed instruction booklets. Because you can print stapled guides that are as short as eight pages and as long as 40 pages, you have the space and flexibility to describe assembly routines, include images, and explain step-by-step processes in detail.

How To Print Stapled Booklets

Printing your booklets is an easy process. Here are the choices you’ll make as you get ready to print, as well as how to make stapled booklet printing cheap.

Black and White or Color Printing

One of the first choices you want to make is whether you’ll be printing in black and white or in color. Black and white printing is often cheaper, but color printing sometimes makes a better impression. Therefore, it’s a good idea in general to print in color if your booklets will be distributed externally. As well, color printing is a better option if your booklet includes photos or diagrams. Readers will remember your message when it’s printed in color!

Choose A Paper

Your choice of paper affects the experience of reading your booklet. Using a lightweight paper saves money, while a thicker paper shows your dedication to the experience of reading your booklet. Gloss paper is generally a good option if you’re printing in color, as the gloss makes the colors pop.

Choose A Cover Paper

When printing your booklet, you can choose whether you’d like the covers to be printed on the same paper as the interior pages or on a thicker paper. Thicker covers can add a feeling of sophistication to your booklet and is a particularly good idea if the interior pages are a lightweight stock.

Choose The Number Of Copies

Estimating the number of copies you want to print can be tricky. If you’ll be distributing all of the booklets at once, for example at a theater performance, it’s better to overestimate the number of copies because there won’t be time to order more copies if you run out.

On the other hand, if you’ll be distributing your booklets over time, you can feel free to underestimate the number of copies you need. Reordering copies is just a couple of quick clicks away!

Stapled Booklet Printing Solutions

When you’re ready to get started with stapled booklet printing, ZoePrint is here to help! With decades of experience, we’re ready to work with you to print the booklets you’re looking for. We have experience printing booklets for a range of businesses and schools to fit needs in many sectors. Our expert design team can also help you make your design ready to print, or design your booklet from scratch!

Order your booklets online or request a custom quote to get started.