Top 5 Tips For Cheap Booklet Printing

Printing on a budget is a fun challenge. If you have a strict cost limit, part of the printing process is coming up with a design and print plan that both creates the material you want and fits your price point.

If you want to create a booklet that matches both your goals and your budget, getting advice from the experts can help. This article will explain what you need to know about cheap booklet printing online, so that you can print your own booklets without the hassle.

The Professional Printing Difference

You might think that printing at home or with an in-office printer is cheaper than professional printing. This isn’t always true, however, because in-house printing often involves more costs than you’d think.

Buying, repairing, and stocking ink and paper for your in-house printer takes a lot of money. When you outsource your printing to a professional company, they take care of all the day-to-day costs, which gives you peace of mind.

When you’re limited to what a home or office printer can create, you can only use a small selection of paper sizes and weights. You also lose access to the finishing processes such as binding that make your booklets look great.

A professional printing company gives you the range of options you’re looking for, as well as assistance throughout the printing process, from design and printing to finishing and shipping, all at a low cost.

How To Print Booklets On A Budget

Here are some tips for printing booklets that give you the most bang for your buck.

  1. 1. Get Inspiration

    Learn from others’ successes and mistakes. You have a limited amount of space to work with, so take a look at existing booklets or online templates to see how they choose to organize their booklets, what they decide to include, and how they could have improved their design. By seeing the variety of options out there, you can better decide how you want to maximize your space.

    If you’re trying to save money, consider using a free design website such as Canva to design your booklets. These easy to use websites provide extensive templates and simple editing tools so that you can import your own images, write your own text, and make your design look great for cheap. Then you can download a PDF of your design and send it to your printing partner. It’s that easy!

  2. 2. Consider Your Size Options

    While you’re in the design process, take a look at printing costs for different booklet shapes and sizes. Booklets come in multiple sizes, and you can choose how many pages you want your booklet to have (as long as the number of pages is divisible by four). Play with your design to find the right combination of page size and number of booklets that works best for your project and costs the least.

    For example, if you’re considering printing eight-page 5.5x8.5 booklets, how would the price change if you decide to print four-page 8.5x11 booklets instead? Think about what works best for your design, your message, and your budget.

  3. 3. Don’t Be Afraid To Look Far Afield

    It’s not uncommon to wonder, “where can I get cheap booklet printing near me?” However, in this day and age, you can often find cheaper options online than you can in your area, even when you factor in shipping costs. Simply put, cheap online printing companies can print your booklets at prices that can’t be beat. Take a look at options near and far to be sure you’re getting the right price.

    If you already have a printing partner, feel free to ask them for advice on how to cut down on costs. They often have ideas that can save you money without sacrificing quality.

  4. 4. Consider Color

    From a design and business standpoint, printing in color is always a good idea. It draws attention to your booklet, adds liveliness to your design, and makes photos and diagrams clear. However, from a budgetary standpoint, it’s less than perfect; it often costs significantly more than black and white printing. Therefore, take the time to consider if and how much color printing you need in your booklets, as this can lead to lots of savings.

    If you’d like to include some color in your booklets but don’t want or need full color on every page, here are some suggestions that will help you save money:

    • Print only the covers in color. The color on the covers will attract attention and encourage people to pick up your booklet, while you save money by printing the interior pages in black and white.
    • Print in color where it’s needed. If your booklet contains some pages of text and some pages with art, diagrams, or photographs, you can print only the pages you need in color and the other pages in black and white. Since booklet printing consists of printing pages and folding them into a booklet, be sure to talk with your printing partner beforehand about how to design your booklet to make this option possible.
    • Print in fewer colors. Sometimes you want a splash of color but don’t need every color under the sun. In this case, you can opt for printing with black and one or two colors. This means that you can put text headers in another color or include your company logo in color, both of which add a layer of interest to your booklets while keeping costs low.
  5. 5. Get The Cheap Booklet Printing You Need

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