5 Choir Concert Programs Printing Tips To Sing About

A choir concert is a special opportunity to share beauty with the world, and your choir concert programs lead the audience through the event. Keep reading to learn ZoePrint’s top five tips for printing choral concert programs that’ll inspire you to raise your voice and sing!

Printing Custom Choral Concert Programs

No two concerts are the same, so no two programs are alike. For example, each performance has a new repertoire, a unique group of singers, and takes place on a new date. Therefore, printed programs can’t be reused, and printing custom choir concert programs is simply a no-brainer.

  1. Include The Most Important Information

  2. While you have lots of design flexibility when it comes to your choir concert programs, some items are almost always present. Make sure to include the following:

    • The name, date, time, and location of the concert
    • The name of the choral group or groups performing
    • The names of the pieces being performed, their composers and/or arrangers, and the date they were published
    • The names of any soloists
    • A list of the choir members’ names
    • A list of the accompanists’ names
    • Any applicable set divisions or intermissions
    • A description of the choir

    In addition to the list above, you can add as many other aspects as you’d like. If your next performances are already on the calendar, let readers know about them in your program. You can include historical context for the songs, a welcome message to the audience, and even messages from your school or community sponsors. All in all, if you want audience members to know about it, add it to your program!

  3. Maintain A Consistent Visual Style

  4. Choir concerts are often long-standing traditions. While you might change your choir concert programs’ cover art every year or every semester, consider keeping the interior formatting the same.

    By using the same fonts and layout for each concert, you create a solid identity for your choral group. When returning audience members read your new programs, they will remember the previous performances they loved.

  5. Weigh Your Size Options

  6. Great choir concert programs can be many shapes and sizes, depending on your repertoire and the amount of information you’d like to include.

    For smaller concerts such as school choir concerts, you might not need a lot of space. In this instance, a flat 8.5x11 program or a 4-page 5.5x8.5 folded program might fit the bill.

    For more elaborate programs with accompanists, a longer set list, and an explanation of historical background, for example, you might consider a longer 5.5x8.5 booklet-style program, or an 8.5x11 booklet-style program. Be aware that these booklet styles print in page denominations of four, so you’ll most likely choose to print a four-page or an eight-page booklet.

  7. Choose Your Favorite Paper

  8. Every paper has a different effect on your choral concert programs. A paper such as 70# uncoated text works well for black and white pages. If you’re printing in color, 80# gloss text or 100# gloss text will maintain the colors’ vibrancy.

    If you want to make booklet-style programs sturdier, consider printing the program covers on a sturdier paper, such as 100# gloss cover. This paper can withstand more wear and tear, leading to programs that serve as souvenirs for the future.

  9. Make Sure Your Program Looks Perfect

  10. Once you’ve finalized your design and have found a printing company to produce your choir concert programs, consider asking for a proof before printing. There’s nothing worse than noticing a design issue after all the copies have been printed! Your printing company can provide a digital or physical proof to ensure that everything looks exactly like you have in mind.

ZoePrint Makes Choral Concert Programs Printing Easy

Once you’ve made sure the proof looks good, it’s time to order your programs! At ZoePrint, we understand the joy of sharing music, and we print choir concert programs that help you spread music to the world. Our easy online storefront makes submitting your order a breeze, and our design team can help you make your programs perfect!

We love helping customers through the entire printing process, from design to delivery, so let us know if you have any questions. Order your cheap choir concert programs online or ask us for a custom quote to get started!