Create A Welcoming Church Home With An Inviting Church Brochure

Church Brochure

How do you welcome new members to your church and encourage current members to take part in church life? In addition to outreach and personal contact, distribute a church brochure that explains your community and the fellowship you offer.

Church brochures help potential community members feel included. In this article, we’ll explain the most important tips to design and print your brochures and provide some church brochure examples to inspire you!

Top Church Brochure Printing Ideas

Here are a few useful tips for making a church brochure that will be visually engaging for both old and new church members.

  1. Be true to your congregation.
  2. Before you get started, do some research on the members of your congregation to understand their interests, and tailor your brochure to them. You first will have to know the audience you are speaking to, to make sure your message resonates with each person.

    Every congregation has their own unique personality, so make your congregation stand out in your church brochure. You are a community with your own quirks, so dig into them! Let readers know what you’re about and what your members stand for.

  3. Do something unique.
  4. Church brochures don’t have to be dull and serious. When it comes to attracting new members, marketing messages are absolutely everywhere today, so you need to stand out in some way.

    One idea is to make the size, shape, or design of your brochure different. You may want a lot of white space for a modern look, or you may choose to use a lot of colors and bleeds so that your piece feels homey and gets noticed.

    As for sizes, some of the best church brochure sizes are:

    If you’re not sure which size is best for your church brochure, feel free to ask the ZoePrint team for advice!

  5. Create consistent messages and images.
  6. The most important aspect here is to make sure your audience knows who the brochure is from. To ensure they know, put your church logo or name in a prominent place, on the front or back cover, or both.

    The way you address the audience should also change depending on who they are and what they expect to get from reading your content. Be brief and positive to hold people’s attention.

    Lastly, the information you choose to put inside should be presented in a simple comprehensive manner. This will ensure people of all ages can understand the information you are trying to present.

  7. Choose the highest quality images, photographs, and design.
  8. If you include a picture of your clergy and lay leadership team, use the best possible photograph. Images in printed brochures will only be as good as the original photographs. You might need to edit your images to improve the lighting and quality of the pictures.

    In order to appeal to the right audience, you need to know who will be receiving the brochure. If you are trying to attract a younger audience, use a colorful aesthetic full of playful illustrations to get a lot of attention. If you are trying to appeal to an older audience, use graphics that their generation will understand. Make sure to keep all images relevant and positive.

  9. Design a smart layout.
  10. The design aspect of your church brochure is as important as the images and text you use. When people look at a brochure, they focus on the front panels and those that follow. This is where you should place the most aesthetically pleasing content to keep people engaged.

    Create a logical flow throughout the entire brochure so readers understand what they are reading as they are reading it. In addition to being brief and positive with your message, make sure you split the copy into short paragraphs. This will make it easier for the audience to transition from one topic to another without getting bored.

    Lastly, use headers in bold to direct your readers throughout your brochure while using images appropriately. Make it easy for readers to find information about worship times, service and outreach opportunities, and community events.

Church Brochure Examples

If you want to see some examples of what your brochure could be, look no further! These church brochure examples will inspire you.

Peaceful Church Brochure

peaceful church brochure 1peaceful church brochure 2

This church brochure’s use of relaxing colors and pastels demonstrates that it is a welcoming home for all. This trifold brochure provides key information without overwhelming the reader.

Traditional Church Brochure

traditional church brochure 1traditional church brochure 2

This church brochure uses traditional iconography to help readers get a feeling for the congregation. The bold red color also makes a splash!

Print A Church Brochure That Makes a Difference

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