How To Print Custom Carbonless Forms In 5 Easy Steps

Custom Carbonless Forms

Almost every company uses carbonless forms, or NCR forms, to make operations easy and effective. But have you thought about the benefits of printing your own custom carbonless forms? They’re fun to design, easy to print, and helpful for your business.

Printing your own custom carbonless forms might sound intimidating, but we promise it’s not. Here is ZoePrint’s complete guide to NCR forms printing. Follow along, and you’ll see how easy it can be!

The Importance Of Custom NCR Forms Printing

If you’re on the fence about printing your own NCR forms, here are some reasons why custom forms are a good idea.

  • They’re specific. Because they’re tools made for your specific business, they do exactly what you want and need them to.
  • They’re flexible. You can easily change your forms yourself. If you rely on another company’s forms, you’re constrained to what they offer.
  • They’re easy. When ordering from a printing website such as ZoePrint, ordering your carbonless forms involves making only a couple of choices and clicking a couple buttons. It really couldn’t be simpler!

NCR Forms Printing In 5 Easy Steps

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the steps to printing your very own custom carbonless forms.

  1. 1. Get inspired.

    The first step for any printing job is creating your design. You can get inspiration for your design in a couple of ways:

    • If you currently use NCR forms, take stock of them. What do you like about them? You can incorporate these aspects into your new design.
    • Take a look online. You can find lots of inspiration on a range of websites.
    • Talk with colleagues or competitors. How do their carbonless forms help them meet their goals? Can you adapt their ideas for your business?

    Once you have some ideas, you can start creating the design that will best fit your needs. If you want help making your design the best it can possibly be, reach out to the helpful design team at ZoePrint.

  2. 2. Think it through.

    Carbonless forms are easy to customize. One of the biggest ways to customize your forms is by deciding how many parts, or pages, they should have. The most common options are two part and three part forms.

    Two part forms are the best choice when the business and the customer each only need one copy. In this case, the forms will usually be white and yellow. If another copy is needed, then three part forms are the way to go. For three part forms, the forms will usually be white, yellow, and pink.

  3. 3. Make a splash.

    When printing your NCR forms, you can choose to print in black and white, one color printing, or two color printing. Each has its own benefits.

    • Black and white printing is cheapest. This is a great option for internal documents, where functionality is more important than aesthetics.
    • One color printing, as well as printing with black and one color, is a good middle ground. These give you the option to add some pops of color to your forms, which makes them more exciting.
    • Two-color printing makes the best impression. Using your brand’s colors and printing your logo in color shows customers that you care about their experience with your services.

    Although one color and two color forms are the most common orders, your form may have a full color logo which requires them to be printed in full color. Although full color forms are not offered as a product on, please feel free to reach out with a custom quote and we will accommodate your needs. In short, you can’t go wrong when it comes to printing your forms in black and white or in color.

  4. 4. Think ahead.

    When ordering your custom carbonless forms, planning ahead pays off. Many professional printing companies can offer you a proof of your form so that you can see what it will look like once it’s been printed.

    When ordering a new item or changing your design, it’s generally a good idea to order a proof so you can tweak your design if needed, before the item goes to print. That way, you will receive the item you have in mind.

  5. 5. Work with the best in the printing business!

    If you’re looking for custom NCR forms printing, ZoePrint is here to help. We print custom carbonless forms in sizes such as 5.5x8.5 and 8.5x11, and we offer both two and three part forms. Our simple online ordering system makes it easy to print the exact forms you’re looking for, and we ship straight to your door.

    To get started printing your own custom carbonless forms, order online or ask for a custom quote.