Custom Product Label Printing: Why And How


Printing custom labels for your merchandise adds a personal touch and demonstrates your professionalism. If you want to print your own product labels but don’t know where to start, check out these tips for cheap product label printing that will level up your labels.

The Benefits Of Printing Your Own Custom Labels

Making a great impression matters, particularly for small businesses. Your product labels show the whole world who you are, which makes them an important aspect of your branding and company identity.

When you print your own labels, you have complete control over their look and feel. You have the freedom to make your own aesthetic choices, including preferred fonts, color schemes, and styles. There’s no need to adopt a generic look or be the same as your competitors.

As well, when you create your own labels, they’re customized for your own products. You can include the names and prices of the products in the design itself, rather than writing them by hand after printing. This increased level of professionalism shows customers that you’re serious and dedicated to your products.

How To Print Common Types Of Labels

When it comes to custom labels, there are two main types you can print: sticky labels and label cards. Here’s the most important information about how to print both types.

Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are exactly what they sound like: labels that you stick onto your product. This type of label works best for hard-sided products, such as bottles, soaps, boxes, and folders.

Printing sticker labels is simple: once you decide on your preferred label size, you can simply create a PDF of your design and send it to your printing partner. They’ll print out pages with your labels, so all you have to do is stick the labels onto your products. Depending on the size of your labels, you can print anywhere from two to a few dozen labels on one piece of paper, which makes them a cost-effective choice.

Label Cards

Label cards, also known as product tags, are highly versatile. They can come in a range of shapes and sizes, and you can hole-punch and tie them to products, set them on tables, or distribute them by hand.

Printing your label cards takes just a couple of steps. Here’s how you do it.

  • Choose a size. There are a few regular label sizes: 3.5x2, 2x3.5, 2.5x2.5, and 1x2.75. However, if you’d like a different size, feel free to ask your printing partner to create them for you.
  • Decide on one side or two. You can print one- or two-sided label cards, so think about which one would be most helpful for your product. When printing two-sided label cards, you can include product information on one side and your organization’s name, logo, and website URL on the other side.
  • Pick a paper. You have a wide number of options for your label paper. A thinner paper option is 12 pt, or you could opt for a thicker paper such as 16 pt, or even a luxurious option such as 110# satin cover stock.
  • Consider UV coating. UV coating adds a shiny layer to your labels. If you want to make your labels gleam, this option is a great choice.

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can send your label design to your printing partner, and they’ll print, cut, and deliver your labels right to you.

Partner With The Label Printing Experts

Hopefully this article has shown you some of the benefits that custom product label printing can provide for your products. When you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch with ZoePrint! We print cheap labels in a wide range of sizes, and we ship nationwide.

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