5 Dance Printing Tips To Make You Twirl With Joy

dance printing

Whether you’re organizing a ballet recital or planning a prom, custom dance printing is an easy and affordable way to get the print products you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about printing your own dance materials, either for yourself, a school or community dance recital, or a professional production, keep reading! This article explains some of the most important ideas that make dance printing easy.

Why Dance Printing Is A Great Idea

Anyone can buy dance posters and brochures online, but buying someone else’s product doesn’t give you the freedom to print exactly what you have in mind.

Custom dance printing gives you the flexibility to create the best design for your project and goals. There’s no need to conform to a design that someone else has already decided on; simply put, you can bring your imagination to life.

As well, you often save money when you print your own materials. You’re not paying for another designer’s labor or inflated prices. All you need to pay for is the cost of printing itself, which is often much cheaper than buying pre-printed products off of a vendor’s site.

Top 5 Dance Printing Tips

To print your own great dance materials, simply follow these top 5 tips. You’ll have excellent printed materials in hand in no time!

  1. 1. Know Your Goal Before You Start

    Whenever you start out on a print project, it’s a good idea to have your end goal in mind. You have a reason for printing your dance-related materials, so before you start the design and printing process, take the time to articulate the main goal of your project.

    Are you primarily raising awareness about an upcoming party? Are you giving dancers keepsakes to remember their dance courses? Whatever your goal, make sure it’s crystal clear, because this will guide the design process.

  2. 2. Design With Your Goal In Mind

    Now that you’ve created a goal for your print material, you’re ready to use it as the basis of your design. For example, if you’re advertising an upcoming performance, remember to include information such as the time, date, location, and admission cost for the performance.

    If you’re creating a dance program and your goal is to inform audience members about the dance company and the performers, including biographies of the dancers might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you’re creating a dance program that is meant to be a keepsake for performers, including photographs from rehearsals would better create the emotional impact you’re looking for.

  3. 3. Widen Your Reach With A Range of Materials

    Depending on your reason for printing dance materials, consider the advantages of printing additional materials to complement your items. If you’re planning to print posters for an upcoming recital, how about flyers that dancers can hand out themselves as well? If you’re printing performance playbills, what about personalized cards to invite audience members to opening night? By supplementing with additional items, you’re able to make your point even more effectively.

  4. 4. Balance Your Budget And Your Number Of Copies

    We know that it can be tricky to know how many copies to print. After all, you want to have enough copies to meet your needs without going over budget. If you’re handing out recital programs, for example, it’s important to have enough for every audience member as well as any dancers who would like a program to take home.

    Keeping an eye on how much you’re spending is always an important part of the printing process, so it can be helpful to work with a printing company that shows you exactly how much your order will cost and how changing the specifications of the order can influence this cost.

    If you have other questions about how to keep print costs down, feel free to reach out to the ZoePrint team. We can help you print the best products for the least amount of money!

  5. 5. Partner With The Printing Company That Meets Your Needs

    When you’re ready to get started with dance printing, let ZoePrint help! We print all the materials you need at a price you’ll love, including dance programs, posters, flyers, and more. Our easy online ordering system makes receiving your products a breeze.

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