Dance Recital Program Messages: Top Tips

Dance Program Ad Examples

Printing a dance recital program is an important step as you get ready for your next performance. You have a wide range of freedom when it comes to your program design, and you can include as many pieces of information as you want.

One important section in any dance recital program is ads and messages, which can take many forms. This article will explain the basics of dance recital program ads ideas, why they’re important, and some ideas and inspiration that both families and businesses can use.

Dance Recital Programs: The Basics

Dance recital programs have a few main functions. They guide audience members through the performances, noting the names of pieces, their composers, and the dancers participating. They serve as keepsakes for dancers and their families for years to come.

Recital programs can also bring in some extra income and offset performance costs by giving families and local businesses the opportunity to purchase ads and messages. These can be quarter-page, half-page, or full-page spots that individuals or businesses can purchase and place a message or graphic of their choice.

Ads And Messages: The Two Types

The two main kinds of pages that people can purchase in dance recital programs are ads and messages. Here’s what to know about both.

Dance Recital Ads

Selling ad space in your dance recital programs gives local businesses a chance to get noticed. People love supporting local businesses, so giving local stores the opportunity to get seen helps everyone. As well, knowing which businesses are supporting their children’s dance recitals makes families more likely to give those companies their business.

Local businesses can have extensive expertise with graphic design or none at all, so consider providing templates that they can easily modify. Include some dance program ad examples on your website for inspiration. By adding a list of dance recital program ads examples to your website, you provide the design ideas that people might need.

Dance Recital Messages

Giving families the opportunity to put messages in your dance recital programs is a win-win. Dancers feel seen and supported, and you make some extra money to offset production costs.

It’s a good idea to include some design inspiration or even templates on your website so that families can easily make their own messages. By making the design process easy for families, you increase the likelihood that they’ll choose to make a purchase. You can even offer design help or ask a professional printing company like ZoePrint for ideas and assistance in creating great recital messages.

Make Ordering Easy

Include clear, step by step instructions for ordering ads on your website so that both families and businesses feel like it’s easy to purchase spots.

You can design your program in virtually any computer program you have, including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and even PowerPoint, or more advanced programs such as Adobe InDesign. When you know which image files are compatible with your chosen program, be sure to include that information on your website so that people can submit an image that you can easily drop into your recital program file.

As well, specify the dimensions of the ad sizes you offer so that families and businesses know how large or small their messages should be. Nobody wants to spend the time and money creating an ad that looks pixelated once it goes to print!

Work With The Dance Printing Experts

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