Top Tips And Tricks For Gift Certificate Printing

  Gift Certificate Printing

Top Tips And Tricks For Gift Certificate Printing

Everyone loves receiving a gift certificate. Gift certificates are also great promotional and marketing materials, and they’re perfect for giveaways. They’re a smart deal for the businesses who sell them, as every gift certificate sold means guaranteed income. For all of these reasons, gift certificates are a can’t miss item in your inventory.

Custom gift certificate printing is easy and cheap, and it creates products that sell like hot cakes. Here’s what you need to know about gift certificate printing, including which materials to print on, where to find customizable design ideas, and how to get started with your next project.

Gift Certificate Design Made Easy

If you’re thinking about custom gift certificate printing, here are some design ideas to get you started.

Find Customizable Templates Online

Many design websites offer gift certificate templates that can help you brainstorm and get in touch with your creative side. Canva has a range of templates, and their easy online editing platform means that you can customize their designs with a click.

Jukebox also offers customizable templates, so you can pick your favorite design and get started immediately. Add your own photo or logo, change the text, and you’re ready to send the file to be printed!

Create Your Own Design From Scratch

If you’re creatively inclined, consider designing your own gift certificate from the bottom up. By starting from the beginning, you’re able to make your gift certificate completely your own and include your own branding, colors, and design elements that you use in other products. This creates a cohesive brand identity that matches all of your other materials, so gift card recipients will immediately connect their gift with your business.

Get Design Help From The Experts

If you want to print a gift certificate that inspires people to give the gift of your business, reach out to professionals who can create a design that makes you look great. If your printing partner offers design services, consider asking them for advice. Otherwise, contact a design professional online or in your area, as they will be able to create the product you’re looking for.

Pick The Right Paper

One of the key steps in printing your gift certificates is choosing the paper that they will be printed on. You can choose from a range of materials, so here are some of the top options to consider.

  • 80# gloss cover paper. This study paper will help your gift certificate hold up until the recipient decides to use it, and the paper’s glossy finish will make your gift certificates shine.
  • 16 point coated paper. This paper is quite thick, which makes your gift certificates feel like a fancy present. Recipients will love the luxurious feel of this paper.
  • Plastic. You might even want to print your gift certificates on something other than paper. If you want to make recipients feel like they’re receiving an extra special present, consider selling plastic gift certificates that are the size and shape of credit cards. These are easy for recipients to keep in their wallets, so they won’t forget to bring their gift card the next time they stop by your business. Some traditional printing companies can print on plastic, so ask your printing partner if this is an option that they can provide for you.

If you’re wondering which paper would work best for your gift certificates, reach out to your printing partner. They can tell you about all of the materials they offer, as well as which one might be the best fit.

Make Your Gift Certificates Look Great

Professional printing can involve a selection of finishing processes that give your products extra flair and a higher level of professionalism. Some finishing processes that you might want to include in your gift certificate printing can include rounding corners or die cutting, which create gift certificates in unique shapes.

Many printing companies also offer finishing processes such as lamination and UV coatings, which make your gift certificates look even better. Feel free to ask your printing partner which finishing processes they offer.

Don’t Offer Gift Certificates By Themselves

Think of the last time you received a gift certificate. What did it look like? Was it in an envelope? Providing envelopes along with your gift certificates makes the process one step easier for the gift giver, as they don’t need to provide their own envelope. As well, this ensures that the envelope is the perfect size fit for the gift certificate. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to print your own gift certificate envelopes.

If you want the gift certificate inside to remain a surprise until the recipient opens the envelope, you can simply put a couple of words on your envelope, such as the phrase “a gift to you” or “To” and “From” fields for the gift giver to fill out.

On the other hand, if you want recipients to know that their gift relates to your business even before they open the envelope, feel free to include your name and logo on your envelopes. It’s completely up to you. Even if you don’t put your company’s name or logo on your envelopes, make sure any text matches your company branding. This ensures that the envelope and the gift certificate inside match and look good together.

Get Started With The Top Custom Gift Certificate Printing Service

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