Top 5 Printers in Lexington

printers in lexington


For decades, print marketing has been a powerful marketing tool that businesses use. It allows the company to reach a large and broad group of people who may otherwise be inaccessible. Take your business to the next level with printed goods. Take a look at this list of the top printers in Lexington, each one offering the type of services that can help deliver your message in a big way!

1. ZoePrint

If you are in need of fast and cheap printing, ZoePrint is the printing company for your printing needs. Inexpensively print flyers, posters, invitations, brochures, business cards and more! Take your pick of an array of high-quality paper choices to give your printing project a high-end look and feel.

ZoePrint simplifies the printing process with intuitive technology. Place your order, access your printing proofs and get order estimates with ease on ZoePrint's online store. Log into ZoePrint and complete your online printing order today.

2. The Print Authority

The Print Authority is your one-stop-shop for all your printing needs. The Print Authority prides itself on delivering high-quality printed goods fast. This premier printing company boasts nearly three decades of experience printing flyers, posters, business cards, marketing materials, and more.

With a consistent record of more than forty thousand high-quality web-to-print orders, it is easy to see why clients choose The Print Authority for their printing projects. Visit The Print Authority and see how these printing experts can help you fulfill your printing needs.

3. PrintLEX

PrintLex offers anything from postcards to large posters at a decent price and high-quality promotional materials are the company’s specialty as they are frequented by real estate agents and lawyers often for signs. Digital printing is leading the way forward, and PrintLex is embracing it by ensuring complete flexibility and providing all customers with test runs of their orders.

4. Lynn Imaging

For all your printing needs Lynn Imaging is there with some of the fastest turnaround times in Lexington. Business cards, flyers, brochures, you name it, and they got it. If you need a job done quickly and well the team at Lynn Imaging will not only get it done but will provide you with excellent customer service from start to finish. Large signage is available at this location, and that means offset printing of the highest quality. Be sure to consult with their designers regarding any questions you may have about your upcoming project.

5. Underground Printing

Underground Printing has a fantastic design team that has been operating for years. Focusing on printing t-shirts and posters the company has been active in its area of expertise for years. Customers here enjoy the friendly staff that can even make suggestions about design and fabrics best suited for your ideas. Having the opportunity to work with a design team is one of the reasons customers find their way back into this dynamic printing facility that makes everything accessible from concept to finished product.



As said before, print marketing is an easy and effective solution to any companies marketing needs. Choose a printing company that not only fulfills your needs but surpasses your expectations with fast and reliable service. With so many great printing companies in Lexington, it is safe to say that you will be just fine with your printing needs.