“Fly” Across The Finish Line With Race Flyer Printing

On your mark, get set, go! Organizing a race is a rewarding experience that helps community members stay fit and contributes to your cause. Printing a top-tier 5k race flyer is one of the most important steps to help participants learn about your race and sign up.

If you’re looking to stay in front of the pack with a race flyer that encourages attendance, this is the article for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to print a race flyer that brings participants running to your event.

Race Flyer Design And Printing

Printing a flyer is as easy as a walk–or run–in the park. Whether you’re printing a marathon, fun run, or 5k flyer, these design and printing tips will help you make a big impression.

Let Runners Know Where Their Money Is Going

Many races are exciting charitable events. If the proceeds from your race are going to a good cause, say so on your flyer. Explain what the runners’ money will be supporting, whether it’s your organization, a non-profit, or another cause. When they see the good that their money will do, they’ll be more inclined to register.

Printing In Multiple Sizes Increases Flexibility

The beauty of flyers is the sheer number of possible flyer paper sizes. To develop a multi-prong flyer approach, we recommend printing more than one size. For example, print in a larger size such as 8.5x11 or 11x17 to post on walls, as well as a smaller size such as 4.25x5.5 or 4x6 to hand out on the street, place on a counter, or include in a goody bag. You can even print 4x9 flyers, which fit perfectly in rack card stands and will get seen quickly!

Spread The Word About Your Early Bird Price

In 2021, 25% of racers signed up for the race during the week of the event. One great way to encourage attendance at your race is by providing a discount for those who sign up early. Lure in participants by adding a note on your flyer that pre-registration can qualify participants for an early bird discount.

Create A Design That Draws Eyes

On a wall full of flyers, the most successful flyer is the one that gets noticed. In order to appeal to your target audience and attract more pairs of eyes, include bright colors in your design and focus the design on a central image or focus point. Whether that’s a photo or a block of text, make sure that your central design feature is intriguing and attracts as many eyes as possible.

Color Printing Makes A Difference

On a related note, your exciting design will make a greater impact when you print in color. Your 5k race flyer’s vibrant hues will stand out and drum up enthusiasm about your event, helping readers take the plunge and sign up.

Don’t Forget Vital Information

Of course, don’t omit the most important information! It’s crucial to include the following information on your race flyer. This means adding the following:

  • Race date and time
  • Starting location
  • Race length(s)
  • Entry cost
  • Where to get more information: your website, social media, and phone number

Some motivated runners will go to your website or Facebook page to learn more, but be sure to provide enough information on your flyer that anyone can read it and know everything they need to know.

ZoePrint Bonus Tip: If you’re looking to reach a larger audience, ask local institutions such as gyms, schools, and libraries if you can distribute your flyer at their locations. These organizations typically want to encourage their patrons’ health and will be likely to say yes. They can help you spread your flyers far and wide!

Printing Your Race Flyer With ZoePrint Is No Sweat

When it’s time to lace up your shoes and get ready to print your 5k race flyer, be sure to partner with ZoePrint! We offer many flyer paper, size, and printing options so you can print exactly what you have in mind, and our expert design team can even create a design for you.

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