Sales Sheets

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Sales Sheets are just another way to refer to one or a series of sheets that advertise a product or service.  Frequently, product sales sheets are 8.5x11, but you can also make attractive half size sheets (8.5x5.5) or tabloid 11x17 sheets which can be folded in half.  The key is to decide about how much information you need to convey and how you will use the handouts.  Be sure to think about how they will be presented as well.  Do you need a presentation folder, envelope or other presentation tool to contain either one or a series of sales sheets to make them look attractive? 

Product sheets are a very versatile tool.  They are used in marketing and selling medical devices, industrial equipment and office supplies.  These specialized flyers are also effective marketing for services.  Many salespeople use handouts to advertise financial and legal services, personnel firms and insurance products.  These presentation tools are most effective for in person presentations, whether handed out at trade shows, or in one-on-one sales appointments.

Once you have decided on the size and use of your sales sheets, take the time to come up with an attractive design.  You can do this yourself, or if you need help, ask for professional design assistance from  In either case, be careful to present your product or service succinctly, using just enough text to get the point across.  A strong design will use white space, images and fonts effectively so that your message comes across in style.

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