Sales Sheet Printing: What To Know

Creating an effective marketing plan involves a range of strategies and multiple products. In order to build your customer base and increase sales, incorporate sales sheets into your next marketing strategy.

While the sales sheet might not be the first piece of marketing collateral you think of, it’s worth adding to your collection. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of sales sheet printing and how to create sales sheets that make an impression.

What Is A Sales Sheet?

A sales sheet is a single, unfolded sheet that advertises a product or service. It typically includes information about your product and is straight to the point, using images, headlines, small amounts of text, and a call to action effectively in order to inform readers and inspire them to take the next step.

Sales sheets can encourage readers to make a purchase, start a business relationship, or learn more about a product. They catch readers’ eyes and get ideas across efficiently. In short, they use a small amount of space to pack a punch.

Sales Sheets Are Versatile

Sales sheets are a useful tool no matter your sector. Some ways that sales sheets can help your business include:

  • Marketing and selling items such as medical devices, industrial equipment and office supplies. Sales sheets provide information about the details that make a difference to prospective buyers, giving you the opportunity to make an impression and encourage a purchase.
  • Marketing for services. By including a pithy explanation of what you provide your clients on a sales sheet, they’ll internalize the importance of your services.
  • Advertising financial and legal services, personnel firms and insurance products.  
  • Effective presentation tools for in person presentations, whether handed out at trade shows, or in one-on-one sales appointments.

If you’re looking to provide information to your readers in an efficient and effective way, printing sales sheets is a great idea.

How To Create An Effective Sales Sheet Design

Whether or not your sales sheet works will depend on one aspect: its design. This includes imagery, copy, and headings, and it makes or breaks your sheet. It either inspires readers to take action or put down your sales sheet without a second thought.

Take a look at a sales sheet example or two to get inspired, and include the following design ideas as you create your sales sheet.

The Right Amount Of Text

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears: one bed was too hard, one was too soft, and the third was just right. The same is true with the amount of text on your sale sheets.

If there’s too much text, readers will lose interest and stop reading. If there’s too little text, readers won’t get the information they need and might not be convinced you can meet their needs. Including just the right amount of text provides the information readers are looking for without cluttering the page with too many words.

Try to limit your text to a couple of sentences per idea or product. Better yet, use bullet points to distill your ideas down to the bare minimum. There’s no need for complete sentences; include headlines that readers can easily skim.

Illustrative Images

As we all know, a picture’s worth a thousand words. People’s eyes automatically seek out images, so include eye-catching visuals of your products so that people can imagine what they’re ordering. Be sure to include high-resolution images and print your sales sheets in color, as both of these aspects give your sales sheets a professional look and help your images pop off the page.

A strong design will balance images with white space effectively so that your message comes across in style. Take a look at some sales sheet examples and to find designs you like.

An Inspiring Call To Action

Including a strong call to action that helps readers feel inspired is one of the most important features that your sales sheet can have.

Do some brainstorming: what exactly is the result you want your sales sheet to have? Do you want readers to make a purchase directly, contact you for more information, visit your website to learn more about your product or service, or do something else? Have a crystal clear idea of what you’re aiming for, and make sure that your call to action revolves around that idea.

Be careful to present your call to action succinctly, using just enough text to get the point across.

Sales Sheet Printing: Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve created a great sales sheet design, it’s time to print. Here’s what to keep in mind through the printing process.


Frequently, product sales sheets are 8.5x11, but you can also make attractive half size sheets (8.5x5.5). The key is to decide how much information you need to convey, how you will use them, and who you will distribute them to.

If you’re able to present all the information you need in a half sheet, feel free to condense and save some money on printing costs, but using an entire 8.5x11 is completely fine.


Your sales sheet’s paper affects its look and feel. You can pick a thinner paper such as 80# or 100# text paper to save some money on printing costs, or feel free to choose up to an 80# or 100# cover papers, which are thicker and show that you have your readers’ comfort in mind.

If you’re printing your sales sheet in color, choose a glossy paper that will make the colors pop.

Have Enough Copies On Hand

There’s nothing worse than missing out on a sale because you didn’t have the right materials on hand, so order enough product sheets to always have a ready supply. You can order in advance and store a stack of sales sheets in house, or you can work with an on demand printing company who will keep a digital file of your sales sheets and can quickly print more when you need them.

Print The Products That Accompany Your Sales Sheet

Be sure to think about how you will present your sales sheets. Do you need a presentation folder, envelope or other presentation tool to contain your sales sheet and make it look attractive? If so, it can be a good idea to print all of the items you need with the same printing company, so you can work with one point of contact and consolidate operations.

If you already have a successful relationship with a printing company, you can simply ask them to take care of your sales sheet printing as well.

Print Your Sales Sheets With The Experts

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