Salon and Spa Marketing Ideas with Print Materials

Create an experience your guests will never forget. Competition is fierce among salons and day spas, which means every marketing piece in your toolbox needs to be on point and transmit your business’ brand. Print marketing is a vital component to any beauty business, which relies heavily on local traffic and word-of-mouth. What better way to make your message heard than with quality cheap printing services online from ZoePrint?

Here are a few salon and spa marketing ideas to put together a top-notch print marketing bundle that will do the talking for you!

Create a menu of your spa services and treatments with brochures

If you don’t have them already, brochures that list all services and treatments with prices are a great piece to let clients take home or distribute to friends and family. Include a short blurb about the history of your business, contact information, and maybe even a staff list for clients to remember who gave them that unforgettable haircut. Remember that everything you put out with your logo reflects on the business’ brand and quality, so make sure your design gets across the right branding.

ZoePrint can also create your design for you. When getting an instant quote on the Pricing Calculator, simply select “Let Zoe Design it for me”.

Use business cards to promote or make loyalty cards

Have a good number of regulars coming through the door? Consider printing loyalty cards using ZoePrint’s cheap business card option. Loyalty cards are also called stamp or punch cards and promise a promotion or free service when filled out. This encourages customers to keep coming back to your locale, since there’s a nice reward waiting. Of course, you can also print traditional business cards with your contact information, location, and social media handles.

Send out invitations for open houses and special events

Whether you’re hosting a private event or celebrating five years in business, special events are unique salon and spa marketing ideas that call for raised awareness. If you’re looking to get across a more formal message for an elegant event, personalized invitations are the way to go. Alternatively, postcards are a more efficient way to send out announcements to a guest list without the hassle of sealing dozens of envelopes.

Announce limited time offers with flyers and postcards

Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays are typical occasions for special spa packages. Utilize your local network to distribute flyers and postcards in other small businesses. This could be on a bulletin board at a nearby yoga studio, among the PTA groups at schools, at a favorite café hangout, or anywhere where potential customers frequent.

Bundle your print marketing with sample sized products

Salon and spa marketing ideas with a little gift encourage people to keep it around and remember your business every time they use a sample. Pick up some cute tape or ribbon to tie a product sample to your business cards or brochures. Who doesn’t like free, useful things?

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