Social Media Cards Increase Positive Reviews

Social media cards increase positive reviews

As a small business owner, you know that social media is an ever-growing market for finding new clients and increasing your influence in your community. Distributing well-crafted social media cards is one top strategy that gets your brand out there and encourages people to connect with you online.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about social media cards, including why they’re important, how to print social media business cards that impress, and more!

Why Are Social Media Cards Important?

Social media cards are useful tools that encourage and inspire clients to reach out to you on social media. They’re typically simple and to the point, and they provide your social media handles so that people can reach out to you online.

Distributing these cards is a savvy business move because it leads to two important increases: reach and reviews. Social media algorithms make followers and interactions increasingly important. In other words, the more people interact with your social media posts, the easier other users can find your posts. So, when you use social media cards to help current clients find your social media, you’re therefore helping future clients find you as well.

In addition, many social networking sites such as Facebook and Yelp allow users to leave reviews. The more online reviews you have and the better those reviews are, the more likely prospective clients are to try out your services. Distributing social media cards helps encourage these reviews.

All in all, social media cards are well worth purchasing. The cost of printing is easily recuperated in the new business you gain from your increased online presence.

Many Sectors Benefit From Social Media Cards

In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful business without a strong online presence. That’s why distributing social media business cards is a great idea for organizations in nearly every sector. Some businesses that are particularly well-suited for distributing social media cards include:

In sum, if social media is part of your marketing plan, distributing social media cards is a top-notch way to bring attention to your online presence.

How To Design Effective Social Media Business Cards

As you’re designing social media cards, keep the following tips in mind.

Size For Success

Social media cards are typically the size of business cards. Typically, social media business cards are vertical 2x3.5, horizontal 3.5x2, square 2.5x2.5, or mini 1x2.75. All of these sizes provide ample space for your logo and all of your social media handles.

Double-Sided Cards Provide Twice The Message

Typically, one side of your cards provides enough space for a list of your social media handles. Therefore, consider using the other side of the card to make an even bigger impression. This might consist of thanking a customer for their purchase, reminding them to visit your office again, or simply including your logo.

If you provide a few different services or types of products, you can even print multiple versions of your social media business cards that are personalized for these niches.

UV Coating Adds A Layer of Excitement

UV coating is a shiny layer that can be added to printed materials as part of the finishing process, and it creates a beautiful sheen that glints in the light. Including a UV coating on your social media cards is a great way to help them get noticed.

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