Travel Brochures

travel brochures

Although many people research vacations online these days, travel brochures and catalogs are a unique way to pique the interest of frequent travelers. Many purveyors of overseas travel or specialty travel packages have known for years that sending hard copies of travel itineraries along with maps, photos and interesting information in an attractive format helps to market these trips.

For one thing, printed brochures can be referred to over and over again, and are easy to show to friends. It is also easier to convey a large amount of information about a long trip in a readable format in a brochure than on a website or in an email. Further, in a high end vacation booklet, you can use special textured papers, metallic inks and printed coatings to give a brochure a special look and feel that cannot be duplicated on a computer.

Printed booklets give you the opportunity to use high quality photographs and images, and the space to present interesting facts, anecdotes and information about the culture of the travel location. You will also have room to detail suggestions of what to pack and essential travel tips. For example, travelers will appreciate knowing that they need to bring cash to some locations where credit cards are not yet widely used, while there are other places where it may not be a good idea to bring currency due to safety concerns. In addition, providing professional travel brochures or booklets can help communicate to the reader the importance which a tour company places on providing a high quality travel experience.

Whether you are describing an African safari, a Hawaiian diving trip or a tour of ancient temples in Southeast Asia, you can create a persuasive leaflet which serves both as a promotional tool and a keepsake travelers will keep for a lifetime.

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