Best 15 Wedding Invitation Fonts for DIY Invites

Getting married on a budget? Creating and printing your very own DIY wedding invitations is one of the easiest ways to save. One of the most exciting choices you can make are your wedding invitation fonts. Keep reading to discover the best wedding invitation design ideas, including some of the most popular wedding invitation fonts that will make your special day one to remember.

How To Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

Designing your wedding invitations doesn’t take a magical fairy. In fact, even if you’re not a world-class artist yourself, you can use several tools to create the perfect invitation design for your big day.

Try starting with a template on Microsoft Word, Canva, or other free graphic design software like Easil or Stencil. If you’re not too confident in your artistic abilities, you can leave the hard work to ZoePrint’s professional graphic design team. After you have the design you want, you can easily upload it to print as a flat invitation or folded invitation without breaking the bank.

15 Free Wedding Invitation Fonts To DIY

Stuck on how to bring your design to life? Start by picking your main focal point, the font! Here are 15 beautifully decorative wedding invitation fonts to embellish your very own invites.

  1. Nickainley

  2. The calligraphy font, Nickainley, keeps everything clean and on a straight line. This smooth font makes it easy to align other elements on the invitation and cleanly fit text directly underneath too.

    Where to find it: Canva

  3. Midnight Bangkok

  4. This font is classy with a touch of nighttime glam, perfect for any late night wedding affair or city reception.

    Where to find it: 1001 Free Fonts

  5. Mervale Script

  6. For a slightly more theatrical wedding theme, the Mervale Script font is a perfect pick. This is one of the wedding invitation fonts that gives a touch of playful whimsy, while still keeping things elegant.

    Where to find it: Canva

  7. Redemption

  8. Redemption

    Where to find it: Cufon Fonts

  9. Great Vibes

  10. Great Vibes is a true classic among modern wedding invitation fonts. You won’t want to miss this one if you’re hoping to nail the timeless invitation look.

    Where to find it: Canva

  11. Dancing Script

  12. Younger couples with a more whimsical wedding theme can opt for a slightly more playful font like Dancing Script.

    Where to find it: Canva

  13. Aileron Thin

  14. For a modern wedding, you can skip the fancy curves and choose a simpler sans serif font, such as Aileron Thin. This sleek font will impress your recipients.

    Where to find it: Canva

  15. Art Brewery

  16. Like Redemption, Art Brewery gives off artsy vibes that pair well with an artistic invitation featuring paint splatters or abstract designs.

    Where to find it: DaFont

  17. Magnolia

  18. Another of the classic popular wedding invitation fonts, Magnolia is a sure bet to include in any wedding invitation. If you like to play on the safe side, this one’s not going to raise any eyebrows and will impress all of your invitees.

    Where to find it: DaFont

  19. My Autumn

  20. My Autumn is a good pick for a DIY-bride look, while still being professional and decorative enough to top a well put-together invite.

    Where to find it: DaFont

  21. Windsong

  22. For the nature lovers or couples tying the knot in the great outdoors, Windsong will certainly fit the bill!

    Where to find it: Font Squirrel

  23. Amelya

  24. You’ve probably seen lots of trending modern wedding invitation fonts recently made by independent artists with a similar style. Amelya gives off a charming handmade invite vibe, but maintains an air of quality.

    Where to find it: DaFont

  25. Znikomit

  26. Elegant and refined, this is one of the modern wedding invitation fonts that is unmistakably for the trendy couple that wants to deviate a bit away from tradition.

    Where to find it: Font Squirrel

  27. Libertinage

  28. If you’re looking for flair and drama, Libertinage is a great font to include throughout your wedding invitation suite!

    Where to find it: Urban Fonts

  29. Calypsoka

  30. Leaning towards the casual, playful side is Calypsoka, which is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces as they crack open the envelope.

    Where to find it: Urban Fonts

ZoePrint Brings Your Wedding Invitation Design Ideas To Life!

While the most budget-friendly option to print your wedding invitations may be printing at home, ink and quality paper can get pricier when you’re producing dozens of copies. Online printing is a cheaper alternative that also guarantees consistent quality.

ZoePrint specializes in cheap printing and can bring your wedding invitations to life. With decades of experience, we have the expertise to help you through all stages of the design and printing process, from choosing wedding invitation fonts to delivery options, and our quality can’t be beat. Upload your design or request a custom quote today!