Get Inspired With Dance Flyer Ideas


Everybody loves a great dance flyer. Whether you’re planning a rave or a father daughter dance, distributing an awesome flyer makes people excited to attend. Here are some of ZoePrint’s top pointers to inspire your next project.

Reasons To Print Your Own Dance Flyer

If you’re planning a dance, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do. Of course it’s important to plan the decorations, food, and music, but all of that is for naught if nobody shows up! Therefore, spreading the word about your dance is one of the most important steps in the process.

Distributing flyers is an easy and effective way to let people know about your upcoming dance. If you’re planning a school dance, you can send flyers home with students, and you can hand out flyers for community dances on the street or distribute them to local businesses.

Designing and printing your own flyers also saves money. By using a free online dance flyer template and printing with a cheap printing company, you spend less money, which opens up more space in your budget to spend on other parts of the event.

Dance Flyer Inspiration

Get ready for your next project with these dance flyer design ideas!

Father Daughter Dance Flyer

Father Daughter Dance Flyer

Designing a daddy daughter dance flyer leads to beautiful family memories. When putting your poster together, make the dance easily accessible to both parents and children through engaging fonts and images. Use large text that jumps off the page, and make it clear what the cost of admission is and if the money is going to a specific cause. Feel free to take a look at a dance flyer template or two to get ideas.

When it comes to the size of your father daughter dance flyer, you can choose from a wide range. Some of the most common small flyer sizes include the following:

You can also print much larger flyers, all the way up to 12x18. Talk to your printing partner about the size you’re looking for. There’s a good chance that they can print it for you!

School Dance Flyer

School Dance Flyer

From parent-child dances to senior prom, dances are an integral part of school culture. Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or parent designing the flyer, you can create a flyer that brings the dance to life.

When designing your flyer, make sure to put the theme first. You want readers to know exactly what to expect when they walk through the doors, and a great flyer also helps attendees prepare for and decide what to wear.

If you feel hesitant about creating the flyer art yourself, ask a student to do it! This will give the flyer a sense of character and make it one of a kind. You could even approach an art teacher about assigning it as an art class project and using multiple students’ designs to create a few versions of your flyer.

Halloween Dance Flyer

Halloween Dance Flyer

When spooky season is around the corner, it’s time to plan for Halloween! Ghosts and ghouls of all ages love a great Halloween dance, from trick-or-treaters to college partiers. Hosting a Halloween dance is a great way to give people an opportunity to let loose and have fun.

When creating your Halloween dance flyer, think about your target age group and what they expect from Halloween. Include playful elements on a flyer targeted towards younger people, while you can feel free to include scarier design ideas and imagery if your dance is aimed at older teens or adults.

When printing your halloween dance flyer, consider which paper you prefer. Glossy papers, such as 80# or 100# gloss text paper, or 80# or 100# gloss cover paper, will make your flyer’s colors pop.

Work With The Dance Flyer Experts

If you’re trying to organize the best dance ever, make sure to print your dance flyer with ZoePrint! We offer cheap printing that gives you the customization you need at a price you’ll love. We can even help you with your design, or create an entire design for you.

To get started, check out our flyer options or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote!