How to Create a Funeral Program

how to create a funeral program

Remembering the life of a loved one should be a joyous, albeit difficult occasion. The way that you present the event has a lot to do with how people perceive it. You want to be sure that the life of the deceased is shown in a way that would make them proud. A beautiful program detailing their achievements is a great way to do that. With so many template options and ways to go about it, however, you may be wondering where to start. Don’t worry. Let’s look at how to create a funeral program, step-by-step.

Choose the Fold

Depending on how long you want the program to be, you will need to choose the fold. That might be a magazine style long program or a simple six-panel brochure. The length of the program can be whatever makes the most sense to you – there are no restrictions. We do advise that sometimes less is more as you want the focus to be on healing and celebration.

Choose the Style

Floral etching? Art Deco? The style you choose should be a reflection of the deceased. Try to have more than one person give input. Consider consulting with a group of those individuals who knew the person best. Remember that you want to celebrate the life of the deceased in the most authentic way possible.

Words and Fonts

In a situation such as this, it may be hard to find the words to summarize a lifetime in a few words. Many families will select a poem or passage about the deceased, along with a few words to express the emotions of the day. In addition to the message, fonts are important to consider because the font can influence the overall message being portrayed. In this instance, it’s important to either research appropriate fonts or consults with a professional to find the best font that represents the person and overall theme.


Lastly, many families opt to feature a photograph of the deceased in the program. This photo serves a visual representation of who the person was, their hobbies, and interests. Often times, the colors or themes of this photo can influence the overall design of the funeral program. Choosing the photograph can be a stressful ordeal; however, with the collective effort of many minds, the program can be a meaningful memento for friends and family.


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