What You Need To Know About Index Card Sizes

Index Card Sizes

If you’ve wandered the shelves of your local office supply store, you’ve probably noticed index cards in quite a selection of colors and sizes. From extra small to extra large, index cards can vary widely. But just how widely can they vary? What are the most common index card sizes, and is there a standard index card size?

Why Index Cards Matter

If you think that index cards can only be used in school, think again. Index cards are versatile and can be helpful tools in a range of business and educational contexts. Here are some of the ways that index cards can be useful:

  • Restaurant recipe cards. Recipe cards describe exactly how to make every recipe that a restaurant offers and ensures that every chef produces food of the same high quality.
  • Flash cards. From familiarizing yourself with company statistics, to preparing for client meetings, index cards provide the information you need in convenient sizes that are easy to hold.
  • Notecards. Whether writing a quick note to a colleague or sending a notecard across the country, you can write your message on an index card.
  • Restaurant ingredient cards. These cards list the ingredients and common allergens in a restaurant’s dishes. Index cards are small enough for servers to carry in their pockets, so they’re always able to give diners accurate ingredient information and encourage health and safety.
  • Cue cards. Cue cards help you know what to say and keep you on-message. They’re useful at company events, client presentations, pitches, and more.
  • Postcards. You can think outside the box with index cards. Instead of printing lines on them, you can print a design or image on one side to create a beautiful postcard.
  • And more! Index cards are flexible products. When printing your own customized index cards, you can include any design you like and use them in any situation.

Index Card Size: What To Know

Index card size can vary widely, and each size is well-suited to a range of uses. There is no single standard index card size, but there are a range of typical card sizes.

This comparison explains some of the most common sizes, as well as when you might want to use each of them.

5x3 Inches

5x3 index cards are the perfect size for jotting down short reminders, writing note cards, and keeping track of ideas. 5x3 cards are useful for remembering small chunks of key information.

6x4 Inches

6x4 inch index cards are small and easy to use, making them great options for flashcards. To make studying effective, consider printing one side of your flashcard in another color, or add an illustration that makes the card memorable. This will help users learn.

6x4 cards aren’t limited to education; they’re also helpful for events. They’re the perfect size for a save the date card for upcoming fundraisers, business expos, and even galas.

8x5 Inches

Large notecards give you space to spread out. 8x5 inch index cards are large enough for you to include as much information as you’d like. Job aids are a good use for this size, as they offer enough space for you to include detailed instructions to ensure health and safety at every location.

Custom Printed Index Cards In Any Size

The index card sizes in the previous sections are the ones you’re most likely to find on the shelf at your local office supply store. However, if you choose to print your own index cards, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.

When working with a custom print company, you can print your index cards in any size you’d like, so you can choose a size based on your specific needs. Simply reach out to your print partner about the size you’re looking for, and there’s a good chance they can print it for you. Many printing companies also print cards that are 5.5x4.25 inches, 6.25x4.5 inches, and 7x5 inches, making these options extra easy to order.

As well, when you print your own index cards, you can choose whether to print lines on one or both sides of your index cards, or you can leave both sides unlined. Lined cards make writing easy, while unlined cards allow for illustration, writing with larger type, and lots of creativity.

As you can see, the range of possible index card sizes means that you’re sure to find a size that works for you. If you’re wondering which size to pick for your next project, feel free to ask your printing partner for advice. They can give you tips on sizing, pricing, and even design ideas that will make your index cards look great.

Print Index Cards With The Experts

Printing your own index cards is a smart decision for both businesses and educational institutions. If you want to print customized index cards, reach out to ZoePrint! We offer cards in a range of sizes, including A2, A6, and A7. We also print custom sized index cards, so feel free to ask for a custom quote, and we’ll reach out to you.

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