How to Make Note Cards

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how to make note cards

Fold-over note cards are a great way for representatives of companies and organizations to reach their customers to say thank you, pass along important messages or just say hello! Learning how to make note cards is simple and fun.

First, decide what you want printed on the note card. On the front of the card, you can customize your design by adding a company logo, a photo, message or design. If you intend the note card to have a specific purpose – for example, as holiday or thank you cards – you might want to include a printed note on the inside. If you want to use printed note cards for a variety of purposes, leave the inside blank so you can write a personal note on each card.

Size is an important consideration when creating a note card. You must decide which envelope size you want to use and then create your note card design.  Some of the common sizes of note cards are A2 cards, A6 cards, A7 cards, A8 cards, A9 cards,  and A10 cards – all of which have corresponding envelope sizes. Remember that when you create your design, you need to account for the flat size.  For example if you were creating an A7 Fold Over Card, the folded size would be 7 x 5, but when it is laid out flat it would be 7 x 10.  An additional factor related to the size of note cards which are blank on the inside is how much writing you want to do on the inside.  Your personal handwriting will affect the space you need.  You should practice on a few blank cards before printing your own design.  Too much space can be hard to fill, but if you don't leave enough space, your note will look cramped.

When creating the design, it is a good idea to create a rough sketch on paper.  Because formatting note cards is tricky, doing a hard copy example will assist you in deciding where to place various elements. Drawing a line on the document that shows where the fold will be helps you position the objects in the right place. 

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