3 Top Tips For Music Score Printing

music score printing


Choirs, orchestras, and all other kinds of musical artists depend on reliable music score printing. Whether you’re a music director or a musician yourself, you know that sometimes locating the sheet music you need can be difficult. There’s an easy way to fix this problem: print your own scores!

Music score printing is a handy tool for all kinds of ensembles and musicians. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of music score printing and explain some of the best ideas to consider as you print your own scores. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Music Score Printing

Music score printing is an easy way to get the music you need at a price you love. When you print your own scores, you don’t need to depend on other companies who might charge higher prices.

Printing your own music scores leaves you a lot of freedom and helps you express your creativity. If you’ve written or arranged your own music, it clearly hasn’t already been printed, so you get to produce the first paper copies. You can eliminate the need to work with an external music publishing company, which gives you many more options to get your music out into the world.

Music score printing is affordable. It frequently consists of black and white printing, which is cheaper than color printing, and it doesn’t require intricate–or costly–finishing processes. The pages are printed, folded, possibly stapled or three-hole-punched, and that’s it!

Music Score Printing Tips

Once you’ve written your music score and you’re getting ready to print, here are the most important ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Music score printing is no-fuss. They’re printed in black and white, which makes them extremely cost-efficient. Don’t feel like you need to add special features to your music scores to make them more impressive; sometimes, simplest is best.

  3. Pick A Paper That Will Last
  4. Musicians spend a lot of time with their music scores, including practicing regularly, marking them up, and rapidly flipping through pages. Therefore, print your scores on a sturdy paper that holds up to frequent use, particularly if you’d like to use the same scores with multiple ensembles.

    As you’re considering papers, a great option to consider is 70# uncoated text paper. This paper is sturdy enough to hold up to repeated uses but still easy for musicians to write notes on.

  5. Choose A Practical Binding
  6. Let your content determine your binding. If you’re printing a long score for an orchestra, such as a score for a full-length work, consider a sturdier binding such as coil binding, which allows the score to lay flat on a music stand. For shorter works, such as pieces between four and thirty pages, no binding or staple binding works just fine.

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