Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas: Tips For More Home Sales

Real estate newsletter content ideasReal estate is a competitive enough field, which means that if you’re not investing in marketing, you’re losing out on exposure that dozens of other agents in your area have. Not only is marketing important to build your visibility, it’s necessary to build your authority to stand out from the crowd.

Digital marketing can be beneficial, but combining your marketing efforts with physical print can increase your local reach and give readers something to look at in their kitchens for days at a time. If you haven’t incorporated newsletters into your marketing strategy, then there’s good reason why you should be. Trendy real estate websites put you up against thousands of other agents and don’t give much of a chance to show potential clients what makes you unique.

Newsletters provide a personalized touch and helpful information. While the goal is to sell your services, the approach is subtler, and readers have more to engage with than with simple flyers or business cards.

Here are a few real estate newsletter content ideas to grow your client base and boost your home sales!

Pick a Consistent Newsletter Schedule

Sending out the newsletter on a consistent schedule conveys a level of professionalism and dependability. Recipients expect to receive content on a regular basis, so make sure what you promise readers is both realistic and cost-effective. Evaluate your existing time commitments to see how creating real estate newsletter content will fit in. If you’re making it yourself, then a quarterly or monthly newsletter is doable.

Include Real Estate Newsletter Content That People Care About

Are you excited to open a magazine and find that advertisements make up 80% of the content? Most people don’t enjoy being advertised to. Instead, give them something that they want to read. Make your content informative and engaging!

What should you include in your newsletter?

  1. State of the Market

    How are homes in your area selling? Include recent trends, statistics, surprising developments, and any information on new construction. Keep this section fresh and relevant to those who are receiving it.

  2. Spotlight on Recently Sold Homes

    This is a great place to highlight your recent achievements as an agent. What are some recent homes you’ve sold in the area? What does your selling process look like? Make a point to describe your unique selling process and perhaps even the stories behind each sale.

  3. Past or Upcoming Community Events

    A newsletter is a news source for the community, so list any upcoming school functions (carnivals, fundraisers, sports games, etc.) and local events. Not only does this add value, it shows your awareness of the area and that you care about neighborhood affairs.

  4. Seasonal Fun Facts, Recipes, or DIY Home Improvement Ideas

    Add in a fun section that draws readers in and provides a place of reference, so people will keep your newsletter for longer. A featured recipe, for example, provides a break from real estate newsletter content, and gives readers a reason to open the newsletter again. You can even include the option for readers to submit their own content for future editions.

  5. Tips to Sell Your Home

    This is your chance to make yourself known as an expert in the field. What valuable information have you learned in the housing industry that others may want to hear? This can be tips on staging a home before an open house, simple upgrades, and remodel suggestions.

  6. How to Contact You

Of course, the ultimate goal of a newsletter is to encourage readers to contact you for all their real estate needs. Include a clear call to action, memorable bio, and easy options to reach you via phone, email, or social media.

Who is Your Audience?

Once you’ve created a print-ready newsletter, you’re ready to distribute…well, almost! The next step is deciding who will receive your newsletter and how. Will you hand them out at community events, open houses, or at local meetups? Alternatively, you can compile a mailing list to physically mail them out, given a larger budget for postage.’s online cheap printing services lets you do small runs of newsletters at a low cost. Contact ZoePrint today for a free quote on full color or black and white options to print your real estate newsletter content!

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