Real Estate Printing Essentials: The Complete Checklist

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Real estate agents have many traditional print needs, from business cards to direct mail. Successful realtors know how to best leverage digital and print media to effectively engage potential buyers. The materials you use to market yourself shape others’ perceptions and your professional image. With so many marketing companies and online services targeting real estate professionals online, how do you know where to invest?

Real estate printing is incredibly versatile and can be designed to fit almost any real estate need. Once you have a design idea or templates from an agency, you can use print material to make your message seen.

Get prepared for your next big sale with these printing essentials:

Print Marketing for Open Houses

A strong open house starts by getting people through the door. Ensure you’ll get a sizable stream of interested home buyers by sending out crisp, full-color invitations. A fresh batch of cookies and a clean suit are just the tip of the iceberg when leaving visitors with a favorable impression. You also need informational material with high-quality photos for potential buyers to take home with them. Folding brochures and flyers are some great take-home options to outline top selling points.

Networking Needs

Whether you’re selling a home for a client or showing a family around a neighborhood, you’ll need professional business cards to spread your name. Business cards speak to your image long after you’re out of sight. They also represent you even when clients may have forgotten where and when you met.

In addition, you can solidify that top agent status by maintaining relationships with past clients. A simple thank you card is an excellent way to show gratitude after a sale. Upholding a good reputation means that past clients are more likely to recommend your name to friends and family.

Direct Mailing Blasts

Even though the digital age is here, good old-fashion snail mail still has advantages. With a decrease in promotional leaflets arriving in mailboxes, you can stand out from the crowd.  Getting your name directly into homes is inexpensive and effective. Send postcards to promote your services to neighbors and community members.

Additionally, newsletters containing information on community events, favorite recipes, and real estate tips can help get your name out in a non-promotional way. The next time a neighbor has some real estate needs, they’ll remember that convenient newsletter on their counter.

When you are ready to market yourself with real estate printing, be sure to give the professionals at a call.  We are experts at cheap real estate printing, and can help with graphic design if you need it.