How to Print Your Own Small Notepads

Small notepads

How many notepads do you use regularly? For most people, the answer is quite a few. Small notepads in particular are useful, cheap, and easy to print, making them great products for businesses, artists, and individuals.

Are you curious about printing your own small notepads? If so, keep reading! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about small notepads, including printing tips, design inspiration, and more.

Why Small Notepads Make A Difference

Notepads are handy marketing tools, gifts, and swag items. Here are some of their biggest advantages.

They’re Useful for Branding

Branding creates a corporate identity that your customers remember. It’s important to use every opportunity to help customers interact with your brand. Your notepad is an opportunity for individuals to see your logo, read your name, and carve out a space in their brains for your company.

They’re Cheap

Notepads in general, and small notepads specifically, are affordable. You can even choose specifications for your notepads that make them even cheaper, such as printing in black and white and including fewer pages per pad. Printing your own notepads doesn’t break the bank.

They’re Convenient

Small notepads are handy. They’re easy to keep in a purse, put on the fridge, or slip in a marketing folder. Larger notepads are also useful but can be more cumbersome. Small notepads are the perfect size to be fully versatile.

They’re Convenient Marketing Tools

If you use a notepad for to-do lists, grocery lists, or work notes, you can probably picture exactly what that notepad looks like. The same goes for the people who use the notepads you print. People will use them for a long time and look at them regularly, so they’re incorporating your company’s name and logo into their daily lives. This makes them excellent marketing tools.

How to Print Small Notepads

When you’re planning to print your own small notepads, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Pick a Size

You want to print small notepads. Now you reach an important question: what’s too small? Simply put, a notepad that cannot be useful to your customers or recipients would be too small. Professional printing companies can accommodate most sizes, but two of the most common small notepad sizes are 4.25x5.5 and 5.5x8.5.

Decide on a Binding

You can choose between a few bindings for your notepads. Here are some of the most common:

  • Glue binding. This easy technique creates pages that are easy to tear off, which is perfect
  • for to-do lists, grocery lists, and other small notes.
  • Sticky pad binding. This binding is popular because of how useful it is. People can easily
  • stick notes wherever they need them.
  • Staple binding. Staple-bound notepads are sturdy and cheap to print.

If you have questions about which binding style is best for your project, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

Choose a Paper

When it comes to your small notepads’ paper, there’s no wrong choice. Two common options are 20# white bond paper and 60# white offset paper. Both of these papers work well with glue binding. However, if you have a different paper in mind, ask your printing company. There’s a good chance they can accommodate your requests!

Consider How Many Colors You’d Like

When printing your small notepads, you can choose from a number of color options. Here are the most common choices:

  • 1 color black ink. This is a good choice for notepads printed for internal use and is the cheapest option.
  • 1 or 2 spot color. This means that you can choose whichever one or two colors you’d like for your notepads.
  • Black and 1 spot color. This is a great option when the majority of your notepad will be black and white but you’d like to highlight a logo or title.
  • Full color. This option lets you use any color you’d like and as many colors as you want. Full color printing makes a great impression on recipients, so it’s the best option for marketing materials and any other products that clients will receive.

Small Notepad Examples

Notepads come in a range of designs and can appeal to many different audiences. Here are some examples of small notepads that can inspire you to make your own.

Grocery List Notepad

Grocery List

Everyone buys groceries, and therefore everyone makes grocery lists. An aesthetically-pleasing grocery list notepad is a great product that everyone needs.

Corporate Notepad

Corporate Notepad

A dignified business notepad makes a great impression on clients. They can use it to jot down notes while seeing your branding and appreciating your keen eye for design.

Hotel Notepad

Hotel Notepad

Hotel guests need notepads for a wide range of uses. Keeping rooms stocked with stylish notepads helps guests feel at home.

To-Do List

To-Do List

People use to-do notepads to keep their lives in order. Handing out these notepads, or printing them for yourself, is a great way to help people feel more organized.

Functional Notepad

Functional Notepad

No two people use notepads the same way, so providing unlined space is a smart choice. People can take notes, doodle, and express themselves however they want.

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