Customized Notepads for Business: What To Know


Printing your own customized notepad both synergizes internal operations and makes marketing a breeze. Partnering with a cheap printing company is an easy and affordable way to bring your notepads to life, and it leads to great products.

Notepads are both functional and stylish and anyone can use them, which makes them the perfect choice for your company. Here are some of the best reasons to print your own customized notepads for business, as well as tips for creating highly effective notepads.

What Customized Notepads Bring To The Table

Distributing your own notepads makes an impression, and custom notepads ensure that users remember you. Here are some other reasons to invest in custom notepads:

  • They’re useful. Everyone uses notepads. Whether people are working or at home, we all keep track of our ideas on notepads.
  • They’re versatile. Even in today’s electronic era, people need notepads to jot down work ideas, create reminders, make grocery lists, and more.
  • They’re memorable. Recipients will think about your company every time they use your notepad. Notepads become incorporated into users’ daily lives, so they can make a big difference for your brand.

Custom Office Notepads

In the office, notepads are versatile. Every employee needs notepads and scratchpads to make to-do lists, take notes during meetings, and jot down ideas to remember later. Therefore, employees should be able to easily access notepads that they can use for their day-to-day activities. Create custom notepads for your office which display your company’s name or logo to help create a united company identity.

A well-designed notepad can help everyone get the information they need. Custom notepads are particularly useful for taking notes during calls, and you can add fields or notepads that are specific to your business. For example, if you have typical customer orders, include check boxes for common requests. By creating custom notepads tailored for your employees’ needs, you increase productivity and decrease hassle.

Design Ideas For A Customized Notepad

We’ve discussed the fact that your notepads are an important part of your operations and marketing. Now let’s think big: here are some notepad design ideas that can help you design top-tier notepads for your business.

  • Go pro. Since users will be looking at the logo on your notepad for months or even years, make sure your logo is up to date. Include a professionally-designed logo and your contact information on your notepad to increase brand awareness.
  • Be both visible and usable. Notepads are meant to be used, so consider how much of the page you want to be usable. Consider turning your design elements into a lightly-printed watermark so that customers see your logo but can still write over the entire page.
  • Get the help you need. If you’re wondering how to create an effective design, reach out to a professional company such as ZoePrint who can give you tips and tricks and help you print highly effective notepads.

Notepad Printing Tips

Ordering your own notepads is a simple process that delivers great results. During the printing process, you get to make a few choices to customize your notepads and make them look exactly like you have in mind. Here are some of the decisions you can make.

Pick A Size, Any Size

Notepads come in a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs. Some of the most popular smaller notepad sizes are 4.25”x5.5” and 5.5”x8.5”, both of which are perfect for taking telephone notes and writing small reminders, and 8.5”x11”, which works well for more in-depth note-taking. However, there’s no single right or wrong size; ask your printing partner if you’d prefer a different size.

Choose Your Color(s)

People often think that printing can be only black and white or full color, but there are actually many more options. You can choose between black and white printing, one color printing, two color printing, and full color printing. Black and white printing is the cheaper option, whereas full color printing is still affordable but lets you use any colors you want in your design, making your notepads more exciting.

One or two color printing is a useful middle ground, as they give you the option to include a pop of color in your design without paying for full color printing. You can include your logo, for example, or add exciting design elements that grab users’ attention.

Decide On A Paper Weight

Picking your paper is a decision that can completely change the feel of your notepads. Thinner papers are more affordable, particularly if you’re printing your customized notepads in bulk, whereas thicker papers provide a sophistication that users will appreciate.

Two common papers for notepads include 20# bond paper and 60# offset paper. These papers are lightweight and cost-effective. However, feel free to size up to a thicker paper that gives your notepads a luxurious feeling.

Work With The Notepad Printing Experts

When you’re ready to print the perfect custom notepads for your company, ZoePrint is ready to help. Our web-to-print portal makes it easy to custom print cheap notepads so that you can write all the notes you want and make a great impression. Our goal is to help you look great in print!

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