Print Theater Posters That Set The Stage For Success

Theater Posters

Lights, camera… promotion! While you might not think that raising awareness about an upcoming performance is one of the typical steps in the rehearsal process, it determines whether or not an audience shows up on opening night. Theater posters spread the word about your event, ensuring that your show reaches the largest possible number of spectators.

Printing your own theater posters is easy and fun. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know!

Design Tips For Theater Posters That Work

Whether you’re designing posters for a student group or a professional theater company, a great poster design makes all the difference. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Make Text Easy To Read

Your poster is successful only if it helps readers easily understand the most important information about your show:

  • Name of the show
  • Name of the group performing
  • Where the show takes place
  • When the show takes places
  • Cost of admission
  • Any other vital information

Other than this information, it is good to keep the text on your poster to a minimum. The easier it is for people to understand the most important information, the more likely that they will take note and make plans to attend a performance.

Match The Design To The Production

All theater productions are full of personality, so let that personality show through on your poster design. For example, musical theater posters might include a lyric from an iconic song from the show or imagery that passersby might recognize.

If you’re promoting a comedy, bright colors and splashy fonts portray the mood of the event. On the other hand, posters for more somber works tend to use more muted colors.

Explore Your Artistic Side

Posters are spaces to let your creative side run free. It’s a great opportunity to create your own artwork or let an artistic cast member do it. If your poster is for a student theater group, consider using artwork created by the students, as this brings additional character and heart to the designs. It is also an honor for students to see their artwork on their theater posters!

If you’re not as artistically inclined, no need to worry! ZoePrint can create a poster design for you.

How To Print Theater Posters

Printing musical theater posters is easy. Here are some of the options you can choose between when bringing your posters to life.

Pick Your Favorite Size

Posters come in an enormous range of sizes, so you can pick your favorite–or favorites! Various poster sizes offer a range of benefits. Smaller sizes are easy to hand out, while larger ones look beautiful on the wall.

Some of the most common poster sizes include:

If you’re looking for a size not on this list, feel free to ask your printing company about it. There’s a good chance they can print what you have in mind.

Choose A Paper

Your theater poster’s paper affects how much attention people pay to it. Some common papers for smaller theater posters include:

  • 70# uncoated text
  • 80# gloss text
  • 100# gloss text
  • 80# uncoated cover
  • 80# gloss cover
  • 100# gloss cover

For larger posters, ZoePrint recommends 80# semigloss text paper. This paper makes your larger-scale poster look great!

Upload Your Design

Once you’ve created your design and have chosen a size, it’s time to send your poster artwork to the printer. Make sure to save a PDF file of your poster design in the highest resolution possible, as this will ensure that your printed posters are crisp and contain all the details you envisioned.

Check Out A Proof Before Printing

When printing your musical theater posters, you want to make sure everything looks exactly right. It’s therefore a good idea to get a proof of your poster before printing, particularly if you’ve created the entire design yourself.

Printing companies such as ZoePrint can email you a proof of your design if you wish so that you can make sure that your poster looks perfect.

Now, you’re ready to print your posters! Websites such as ZoePrint make it easy to order online, and your posters will be delivered to you quickly.

Print With The Experts

When you’re getting ready for opening night, ZoePrint is here to help. We print all the items your performance needs, including the theater posters that spread the word. ZoePrint also prints theater programs that bring performances to life while making memories for cast and audience members alike.

To get started, order online or ask for a custom quote!