7 Bake Sale Flyer Ideas That Make Fundraising Sweet

bake sale flyer

Bake sales are a classic fundraising technique. From school clubs to community groups, all types of organizations offer freshly-baked goods to people to spend money for a good cause. To maximize your potential impact, raise awareness about your sale with these top bake sale flyer ideas.

Why Print Your Own Bake Sale Flyer?

Planning a bake sale involves more than simply choosing a recipe and baking it. Simply put, spreading the word matters. If people don’t know about the sale in advance, they won’t make a point to show up. Or, if they do happen to walk by, they might not have any money with them. Therefore, encourage attendance–and opened wallets–by spreading flyers far and wide.

Luckily, printing your own bake sale flyer is easy, affordable, and flexible. You can design the flyers exactly as you’ve imagined them, include precisely the information you would like, and have them quickly shipped to your door. And when working with an affordable printing company like ZoePrint, you can rest assured that printing your flyers will cost less, thereby increasing your profit margin and leaving you more money to dedicate to your organization’s goals!

Bake Sale Flyer Ideas

All successful bake sale flyers contain a few key features. Here are our top recommendations for bake sale flyer ideas that will bring hungry customers flocking to your event.

  1. Include Mouth-Watering Images
    include mouth watering images
  2. Baked goods are popular products that sell easily, so one easy way to advertise on your flyers is by showing images of the items you’ll be selling. Whether they’re photos, drawings, or graphics, images of delicious cookies, scrumptious brownies, and other tasty treats will lure customers who can’t wait to devour your baked goods.

  3. Make Your Goal Known
    Make Your Goal Known
  4. Be sure to include both the name of the group hosting the bake sale and what the money will contribute to. When people know what their money is going towards, they’ll be further inspired to chip in.

  5. Print On Paper That Makes Your Bake Sale Flyer Shine
    print on paper that makes your bake sale flyer shine
  6. When printing a bake sale flyer, you can choose from many papers, all of which influence how your finished flyers will look. The most common paper choices for great bake sale flyers include:

    • 70# uncoated text
    • 80# gloss text
    • 100# gloss text
    • 80# uncoated cover
    • 80# gloss cover
    • 100# gloss cover

    If you have a specific paper in mind or would like help choosing the best paper for your project, feel free to ask your printing company for advice.

  7. Spread The Word With Take-Home Flyers
    Spread The Word With Take-Home Flyers
  8. Bake sale flyers don’t only belong on bulletin boards. Consider printing multiple flyer sizes; you can post larger flyers on walls and distribute smaller flyers throughout your community. This is a particularly helpful tactic for school bake sales, as students can bring home flyers that keep their parents up to date. This also inspires parents to help prepare goodies, and maybe even drop by the school to buy some baked goods!

  9. Print In Color To Make Your Bake Sale Flyer Pop
    Print In Color To Make Your Bake Sale Flyer Pop
  10. The goal of your bake sale flyer is to get noticed, so print it in color to stand out. A vibrant flyer gets seen and makes a bigger impression, so color printing is definitely the way to go for a successful flyer that inspires its readers. This is particularly true for all kinds of school printing, including school flyers and posters, because the bright design draws the attention of young eyes.

  11. Don’t Forget The Where And When
    Don’t Forget The Where And When
  12. This point is pretty simple: people can only stop by your bake sale if they know where and when it is! Include the date, time, and place where people can congregate to buy your treats.

  13. Add More Information With A QR Code
    Add More Information With A QR Code
  14. QR codes are handy tools that let people easily find your website from your bake sale flyer. If you want to provide more information than can fit on your flyer, consider adding a QR code to your organization’s website, where you can include as much information as you want. This might include:

    • Further details about your organization and how the money from the sale will be spent
    • Ingredient lists and allergy warnings for the bake sal items
    • Additional information about upcoming organization meetings
    • How to join your group
    • And any other information you’d like the public to know.

Partner With A Professional Printing Company!

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