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Did you know that print marketing requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than online marketing? Clearly, getting your name and ideas out there in print is a key strategy that makes an impression on readers.

One of the most effective ways to build and maintain an active client base is by distributing a well-written and designed business newsletter. In this article, we explain why print newsletters are such a great idea, as well as some of the best strategies to print a newsletter that makes a great impression.

Converting Your Digital Newsletter To Print

If you already publish a digital newsletter, you might think that it’s not worth printing physical copies as well. We’d like to put that worry to rest. Here are some of the reasons why printing your newsletter is a great idea.

  • It reaches a wider audience. People quickly delete emails without reading them, whereas they’re more likely to flip through a paper newsletter.
  • It is easy to reach target demographics. While people typically sign up for digital newsletters, you can send paper newsletters to any household in your target demographics with targeted mailings. You can focus on certain residential areas, income levels, or other demographics.
  • It is easy to print an existing digital newsletter. If you already publish a digital newsletter and don’t have the time or resources to create a new physical newsletter from scratch, you can simply adapt the digital version. With just a few tweaks, your newsletter will be ready to print.

All in all, printing your newsletter is an easy task that makes a big impact.

The Value Of A Printed Small Business Newsletter

Small businesses have a lot to gain from distributing a newsletter in print. You have a limited budget, and dedicating some of that to print materials is a worthwhile effort. Your newsletter does the following:

  • Demonstrates that you care about community. Small businesses are the lifeblood of cities and neighborhoods, and a detailed newsletter containing articles about local interest demonstrates that you care about serving residents in your area.
  • Increases ties with other businesses. You can feature other local businesses in your newsletter, in particular businesses that your target demographics might be interested in. There’s a good chance that those businesses will then feature you in their materials as well.
  • Lets customers see the people behind the business. Newsletters give you the space to spread out and include a range of content. Include notes from the owner, interviews with staff members, or other insights into the people running your organization. This brings your business to life in readers’ minds.

You can send the newsletter from your small business to community members and distribute it in the store as well, which gives the largest possible number of people a chance to read it.

Business Newsletter Printing Tips

As you’re designing and printing your newsletter, here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind.

Newsletters Take Many Forms

Newsletters can come in many shapes and sizes, so you have the flexibility to pick the newsletter style that best fits your needs and budget.

8.5x11 flyer newsletters are simple yet effective. They consist of one piece of paper, so you can print on the front and back to include a message to readers, updates about business hours and activities, or any other message you’d like.

8.5x11 brochure newsletters are small but pack a big punch. You can choose your preferred folding option, which breaks your newsletter down into panels perfect for a range of articles and information.

5.5x8.5 booklet newsletters are handy and can contain a lot. These can consist of multiple pages, so they work well for quarterly newsletters or other newsletters that offer a bit more content.

8.5x11 booklet newsletters give you lots of space to spread out. In addition to the large paper size, you can print a booklet newsletter with up to 40 pages. If you’d like to distribute a newsletter containing multiple long articles, many illustrations and photos, and other content, this size is the perfect choice.

Your Paper Choice Sends A Message

Every item you distribute tells your readers who you are. Printing on high quality paper demonstrates that you care about your image. The best paper for your project will depend on the type of booklet you decide to print, so feel free to ask your printing partner for advice on the paper that makes the most sense for your project and your budget.

In general, printing in color makes a great impression on readers. Colors pop when printed on glossy paper, making it a good choice if you’re printing your newsletter in color or adding photos or images. Glossy paper also makes photos and images appear crisp and beautiful.

Design Is Everything

It’s a fact of life: readers will judge your business based on your newsletter design. Therefore, everything from picking the perfect name for your newsletter to coming up with a great design is an important decision. You can use online templates, design one from scratch, or enlist some help.

If you’d like help designing your newsletter or converting a digital business newsletter into print, feel free to reach out to the experts at ZoePrint. We can help you optimize your newsletter or even design a new one for you.

Partner With The Business Newsletter Experts

Printing your business newsletter is an exciting prospect. When you’re ready to get started, ZoePrint can help you get it done! We print all of the print materials your business needs, including newsletters that help you send a message.

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