Healthcare Printing Services: What You Need To Know

Doctor's office with printed posters in the background

Healthcare printing provides resources to the people who need it most. From marketing to information, high quality printed materials make all the difference when it comes to attracting new patients and providing effective patient care.

Medical printing takes a wide range of forms. If you’re wondering which items to print, this article will cover some of the most important print products that all practices need.

Most Important Printed Healthcare Items

Running a successful practice involves printing a wide range of items. Here are some of the most important printed items that make a difference both for your business and in your patients’ lives.

Medical Form Printing

Practices use a wide range of medical forms for both patient intake and care. Some of the most common medical forms include consent forms, vital sign charts, referral forms, and physical exam forms, but there are many other types of medical forms as well.

Outsourcing the printing for these medical forms makes production cheap. You can receive hundreds–or even thousands–of copies at once, with a low cost per click. There’s no need to worry about buying paper, dealing with printer malfunctions, or replacing ink cartridges.

Medical form printing is most commonly black and white for maximum clarity and contrast between the paper and text. This also saves money during the printing process. Medical forms are also often printed on affordable papers such as 20# bond white paper, which further helps cut down on costs.

Medical Flyer Printing

Medical flyers advertise your practice and encourage patients to give you a call. Your medical flyers can focus on your practice’s specialization and the services you provide, or how to get in contact and schedule an appointment, or any other topic you’d like potential patients to know.

Flyers balance text and images, so as you’re creating your flyer design, think about how you can minimize the amount of text while still providing the key information that readers need. This might mean including a short paragraph about your practice, a couple of short phrases describing the services you offer, and a bolded call to action. If you include much more text than that, readers might lose interest.

Appointment Card Printing

Patients don’t want to miss their appointments, and you don’t want them to miss their appointments, either. Appointment cards help patients keep track of their care by reminding them about their upcoming visits. These cards are cheap to print, affordable to send, and lead to increased patient health.

When printing your appointment cards, you can even include a discount on future services. By encouraging patients to make return appointments while saving them money, you make it more likely that they will come back and take good care of their health.

Medical Brochure Printing

Medical brochures are a middle ground: they are large enough to provide detailed information but small enough that it’s important to prioritize which information to include and to say it succinctly. Brochures are compact and easy to distribute, making them handy tools to provide information and images or diagrams without overwhelming readers.

When planning your medical brochure design, be sure to use a clear organization strategy. Patients need to be able to find the information they’re looking for quickly, so use headings and subheadings to direct readers’ eyes, as well as bullet points that provide information using as few words as possible.

Partner With The Medical Printing Experts

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