Note Card Size

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note card size

You must choose a note card size when ordering from  First, you need to decide whether you want flat note cards or folded note cards.  Here are the available sizes for each:

A2 Flat Note Cards (4.25x5.5)
A6 Flat Note Cards (4.5x6.25)
A7 Flat Note Cards (5x7)

A2 Folded Note Cards (5.5x8.5 unfolded)
A6 Folded Note Cards (6.25x9 unfolded)
A7 Folded Note Cards (7x10 unfolded)

All of these note cards must be printed either with a portrait or landscape orientation.  When you print a folded note card, it is critical to know which way you want the card to open.  With a portrait card, you  open the card from bottom to top, whereas with a landscape card, you open the card from left to right.  Another way of saying this is that once opened, portrait cards are taller in height than their width, but landscape cards are wider than they are tall.  For instance, an A6 folded note card which is printed portrait would be 6.25x9, but it would be 9x6.25 when printed landscape.

If you are not sure which note card is best for your needs, please contact one of the experts at  We specialize in cheap note cards, but our quality and service are first class!

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