The Ultimate Guide to Note Card Size: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

Family writing on notecards

Whether you’re writing a to do list at work or sending a letter to a friend, note cards are the tools you need. But do you know all the note card size options you can pick from? There are more possibilities than you might think.

If you’re not sure what the difference is between A6 and A7 or are wondering what a standard notecard size is, keep reading. This article will explain the most common note card sizes, how they’re useful, and how professional printing can create the notecards you’re looking for.

Understanding Note Card Sizes

Note cards can be a range of sizes, and they often use a unique sizing terminology. While there is no single standard note card size, here are the most common ones.

A2 Note Cards

A2 note cards are the smallest standard note cards. At 5.5x4.25, they’re versatile but commonly used for notes and reminders.

A6 Note Cards

A6 note cards are right in the middle. Their 6.25x4.5 size makes them perfect for longer notes and flashcards.

A7 Note Cards

At 7x5, A7 note cards are the largest of the bunch. They are a great choice for recipes, invitations, and larger notes.

Specialty Note Card Sizes

If you want something other than the standard notecard size, you can also print larger or smaller notecards. Here are some of the most common options.

Mini Note Cards

If a smaller note card fits your needs, you can opt for cards that are 3.5x2. This size is common for business cards, but it is also perfect for quick notes, product tags, and labels. You can also print square 2.5x2.5 cards, or even cards as small as 1x2.75.

Oversize Note Cards

If you’re looking for notecards bigger than A7 (7x5), a 6x9 card might be right for you. This size is perfect for visual presentations, projects, and even room decorations. If you’re interested in this size, or larger note card sizes, reach out to your printing partner. There’s a good chance they can print them for you.

Custom Note Card Sizes

While the sizes above are the most common, printing other note card sizes is easy as well. Professional printing companies such as ZoePrint can print virtually any size note card, so feel free to ask for the size you have in mind.

Selecting The Right Note Card Size For Your Needs

If you feel like there’s an overwhelming number of choices, no need to stress. Here are some suggestions for which sizes you might want to use, based on what you’ll be using them for.

Professional Uses

Note cards are useful throughout the business world. From communications tools to marketing materials, they get clients the information they need.

Notecards are helpful presentation tools. A2 cards are the perfect size to be cue cards for speakers, and you can distribute A7 cards to audience members with your product’s main selling points.

A2 cards are handy job aids, which help employees succeed throughout the workday. In the restaurant world, they’re also helpful ingredient and allergen cards, which servers can keep on hand in order to provide accurate ingredient lists to diners.

Sending handwritten notes to prospective and current clients establishes trust, builds a relationship, and shows your dedication. Any size card works here, so pick the size that best fits the message length you’ll be sending. For shorter letters, feel free to print smaller A2 cards, or size up all the way to A7 for longer letters.

Academic Uses

Note cards complement the rest of your school printing to help students succeed in the classroom. Smaller sizes, such as A2 and A6 cards, work well as flashcards and help with vocabulary, memorization, and studying for tests.

Larger cards, such as A7 cards, work well as classroom decoration, as well as signage for cordboards and in hallways. They can even be mini canvases for art class.

Personal And Creative Uses

Printing personalized stationery is simpler than you might think. A6 note cards make great stationery for sending to friends and family. As well, since note cards are for more than just writing notes, you can print A7 note cards as event invitations, room decorations, and DIY projects.

If you’re an artist, printing your art on note cards makes it easy to sell them at art fairs or online. Printing your note cards in many sizes provides more options for customers to pick the size they’d like. In general, however, larger A7 cards are generally better, as they provide more space to see the details of your art. You can even work with a speedy printing and delivery service such as ZoePrint, who can print your note cards on demand and ship them directly to the customer.

Print With The Note Card Pros

Picking a note card size is the first step in the printing process, and partnering with print experts who can create the note cards you’re looking for at a price you love makes every other step easy. Here at ZoePrint, we print all the notecard sizes you can imagine, from mini 1x2.75 cards, to large A7 cards. We also print custom sizes, so you can create the exact card you have in mind.

If you have questions about your note card’s design or layout, our in-house design team is happy to help out, and using our fast offset and digital presses, we can complete and ship orders right away. When you work with ZoePrint, you know that you’ll get great note cards quickly.

Get started printing your note cards today! Order online, or ask ZoePrint for a custom quote.