4 Types of Poster Size

4 Types of Poster Size

When you’re making your own poster, the first decision you need to make as you design it is what size you want it to be. If this seems overwhelming, keep reading! In this article, we’ll discuss the top four types of standard poster size and when to use each one.  

Small Poster Size

The most common small poster size is typically 11x17 or 17x11. Small posters are extremely versatile. Typically, they are placed indoors where people can get up close and see them clearly.  

Since small posters are best seen from a few feet away, they work well for workplace reminders such as health and safety precautions, as well as decorative posters with slogans or small illustrations. If you want people looking at it from up close, it’ll be perfect on a small poster!  

Medium Poster Size

A typical medium poster size is 18x24 or 24x18. However, there is a lot of variation in the medium size. If you want your poster to be a specific size that isn’t 18x24, go for it! Printers can easily accommodate many medium poster sizes.  

A medium poster works well in almost every circumstance. Just be sure when you’re designing your poster that you know how it’s going to be used, because this will affect your design. If you’re planning to hand out these posters, the fonts and images can be smaller since people will hold them and look at them closely. If you’re planning to hang them on a wall or outside, be sure to include fewer elements and make them larger so that they’re clearly visible from the other side of the room or across the street.  

Large Poster Size

Most large posters are 20x24 or 24x36. These posters are visible from far away, so they’re a great way to attract attention, whether on the street or in a business office. You can use larger design elements here, such as a photo and a heading, or a business name and logo, with additional information in a smaller type that brings people closer to read more. Many advertising posters are in a large poster size.  

Movie Poster Size

Did you know that in the US there is a standard movie poster size? Movie posters in the US are 27x40. This makes them large enough to include a photo of the main characters, the film’s title, the names of the lead actors, and the release date, all large enough to be read from many feet away.  

If you want to print your own movie posters, the movie poster size is perfect. This size is also great for printing any large image containing lots of detail, as well as a poster that is going to be seen from many feet away. This size gives you space to be larger-than-life!  

Poster Size is Flexible

Luckily, there are many poster sizes other than the ones described above. There is no one standard poster size. Poster size can be as small as 4.25x5.5 to as large as 30x40, or even bigger. (At ZoePrint.com our posters begin at 11x17 size; you can find smaller sizes under flyer printing.) A great printer will have many options to choose from and can help you choose the best poster size.  

Print Your Posters With A Professional Printer

When you’re ready to print your posters, ZoePrint.com is here for you. Our extensive range of poster sizes means that you will be able to print the perfect color poster, whether it’s a standard poster size, larger, or smaller. Our design team can help you pick a size that fits both your project and your budget. Contact us today to learn more!