Cheap Newsletter Printing: 3 Top Tips

Cheap Newsletter Printing: 3 Top Tips

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Cheap Newsletter Printing

Printing a newsletter gets your message out there. From marketing to community building, newsletters give you space to provide detailed information about current events at your business, school, faith community, real estate company, and more.

If you’re trying to figure out how to balance the budget while creating the print materials you need, you’re not alone! In this article we’ll explain the best tips and tricks for cheap newsletter printing and help you order a great product that’s easy on both the eyes and your bank account.

3 Top Cheap Newsletter Printing Strategies

Here are some of the best strategies to help you print your newsletters affordably.

  1. 1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    This first one is pretty self-explanatory: smaller items are cheaper to print. If you’re looking to majorly cut back on costs, printing smaller newsletters can be a great choice.

    If you’re printing booklet-style newsletters, ordering 5.5x8.5 booklets instead of 8.5x11 can be a good choice. You can also opt for booklets with fewer pages, which further lowers printing costs. Instead of a 12-page booklet, how about an 8-page booklet? Making these types of small changes will save you money.

  2. 2. Consider Color

    We all know that adding color to your materials makes them more likely to get read. And yet, we also know that color printing tends to be more expensive than black and white printing. While this might sound like a problem, you can still add color to your newsletter while cutting down on costs. There are a few ways to do this: printing on color paper, color printing on only your covers, and printing in fewer colors.

    Printing On Color Paper

    Who says that you have to print in color for your newsletter to be colorful? An easy and cheap alternative to printing in color is printing with black ink on color paper. You still get a splash of color without paying for full-color printing.

    Printing Covers In Color

    If you’re creating a booklet-style newsletter, it’s easy to find a middle ground when it comes to color printing. You can print your covers in color and print the interior pages in black ink. This adds a splash of excitement and interest to your newsletter, while still saving money on the inside pages.

    Printing In Fewer Colors

    No matter the type of newsletter you’re printing, choosing to print fewer colors is a money-saving strategy you can use. Consider printing in black and one or two spot colors. This lets you highlight your newsletter’s headlines and title and your logo, for example, while still keeping costs low.

  3. 3. Choose Your Finishing Processes Wisely

    At the end of the printing process, you can choose from a range of finishing processes, which is the name for all of the additional processes that can take place once your items have been printed.

    Finishing processes can include UV coating, die-cutting, lamination, and binding. As you’re considering which processes to include, consider that newsletters don’t typically need many fancy finishing processes. They can simply be printed, either folded or stable-bound, and they’re typically ready to go.

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